Education and Training for Construction 4.0

Submission window open 12 November 2021

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Submission window closes: 4 August 2022

Overview of special issue

The construction industry workforce skills needed are evolving under the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR4.0). The digitalisation of the construction industry is accelerating the adoption of technology to support workforce capacity and capability development in the built environment stretching beyond the traditional building delivery project lifecycle. This includes now the coordination of information for knowledge and understanding across all phases of the building project lifecycle, from the design and planning to construction and even to asset management. To adapt successfully to this revolution, there is a critical need to develop workforce capability to improve the quality and productivity of the construction industry and to take advantage of the possibilities of IR4.0. The technological capability and human resource capacity development must be specific to built environment needs. Thus, Construction 4.0 emerged as a concept to drive improvement of the overall quality of the workforce capacity involving professional, technical vocational and education & training addressing skills, competency, and competence.

This special issue encourages innovative thinking and approaches to allow educational organisations and industry training providers to challenge existing practices in skills development and training methods in design and construction management. It will also aim to gather new research and developments regarding innovative educational and training systems for the built environment, which are strongly supported by recent digital technologies.

Indicative list of themes and key features

  • Systems and Logics (Education in Construction Informatics; Ontologies for modelling and visualisation; Human-computer interaction in virtual environments; Knowledge and Theory Frameworks for AEC Education).
  • Design and Visualisation (Simulation and visualisation in construction; Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR) in Education and Training Applications; Serious Game technology in education and training; Building Information Modelling/Digitalisation in Design and Construction Management).
  • Professional Boundaries (Future Skills/Technological Upskilling for human capacity building in Construction 4.0; 4th IR Technologies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Construction).
  • Offsite and Onsite Production (Human-robot collaborative production environments; Sustainable workforce training platforms; Gamification for training instructional design; Communication, education and training of sustainability principles and professional skills; Smart training for Health and Safety concepts in construction project).
  • Assessment and Accreditation (Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in Education and Training; Digital assessment methods in training; Modern Training Platforms at Industrialised Construction).

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