Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Submissions open 31st January 2024


Today's new technology revolves around digitalization, encompassing phenomena like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IOT), big data, blockchain, and digital transformation. The advent of these technologies is profoundly restructuring innovation ecosystems, changing traditional governance and management models, and the process of competitiveness and economic growth (Beliaeva et al., 2019; Tomizawa et al., 2020).

In addition, the rapid diffusion of digital technology is reshaping fundamentally the economy and is challenging existing assumptions about entrepreneurship. A vast body of research acknowledges that the digitalization of businesses and the explosion of data collection and analysis may foster the development of innovation (Lee et al., 2014; Corvello et al. 2023) leading to new ways of pursuing entrepreneurship (von Briel et al., 2018). 

According to recent contributions, digital technologies play a pervasive role in the entrepreneurial process and outcome (Nambisan, 2017) as they enable the creation of new entrepreneurial outcomes such as digital artifacts or digital platforms that are different from other entrepreneurial outcomes in terms of speed of production and diffusion (Parker et al., 2016; Autio et al., 2018).

Current research on innovation indicates that Digital entrepreneurship has led not only to the advent of new types of innovation but also to major shifts in the design and the diffusion of innovation (Sorescu and Schreier, 2021).

A new stream of research is emerging, named, “Digital Entrepreneurship” dedicated to exploiting and exploring the entrepreneurial processes transformed by digitalisation (Nambisan, 2017).

Recently, the rise of digital technology-based entrepreneurial firms has prompted extensive research to understand the nature and consequences of digital entrepreneurship and innovation. As technology continues to transform industries, economies, and societies at an unprecedented pace, understanding and harnessing the power of these interconnected domains becomes increasingly vital.

However, there is a lack of comprehensive research on how to view digital entrepreneurship and innovation and how to fully explore the profound relationship between technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

This special issue delves into the dynamic intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and the digital economy and aims to discuss and analyze opportunities and challenges presented by new technology. 

List of topic areas

The objective of this Special Issue is to gather interdisciplinary contributions that examine the influence of digital technologies on the process and dynamics of entrepreneurship, as well as innovation mechanisms. The Editors welcome exceptional, original contributions that tackle, but are not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Conceptualization of digital entrepreneurship in the new context.  

  • Comprehending the role of the digital economy in the innovation and entrepreneurship system  

  • Elucidating the impact of the digital economy on entrepreneurship and innovation approaches  

  • Mechanisms inherent in the digital economy that drive entrepreneurship and innovation.  

  • Conceptualizing dynamic intersection between digital technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.  

  • The impact of data-driven orientation on digital entrepreneurship  

  • Digital entrepreneurship and human entrepreneurship 

  • The effects of the digital economy on the sustainable development of entrepreneurship and innovation systems  

  • The impact of technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and social change in digital economy 

  • Transition to sustainability through digital entrepreneurship and innovative systems 

  • Digital Platforms about Entrepreneurship Co-creation 

  • Sharing Entrepreneurial Platforms

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Key deadlines

Opening date for submissions: 31st January 2024

Closing date for submissions: 31st April 2024

Guest Editors

Valentina Ndou
Department of management Engineering, University of Salento, Italy
[email protected] 

Eglantina Hysa
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Epoka University, Albania
[email protected] 

Vera Ndrecaj
Senior Lecturer and Project Manager at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
[email protected]

Mirela Panait
Professor, Petroleum & Gas University of Ploiesti, Romania
[email protected] 


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