Defining New Frontiers of Business Research Across Asian Countries


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There is a growing interest in the Asian region as it contains unique historical, cultural, and economic contexts that influence its political dynamics  (Leung et al., 2005; Shatkin, 2008). This region is characterized by a wide spectrum of ethnicities, languages, and cultures, that have  enabled the establishment of various institutional, organizational and governmental types for governance and human development.  Despite unique settings of the business environment of the region, research on its business, entrepreneurial and corporate dynamics is still scarce, except for a few studies that explore the future map of this region (Cheng & Groysberg, 2020; Denison et al., 2004; Kim & Moon, 2015). Therefore, there is a pressing need to pursue more studies at different levels to explore the distinctive nature of this region and how it could vary from other regions. Such studies might contribute to theory development and provide diverse perspectives for conducting entrepreneurial, and public and private sector operations of business firms.  

The business and economic landscape across Asia is as diverse as it is dynamic, with varying cultural contexts, stages of economic development, and geo-political considerations shaping business practices and economic  strategies in distinctive ways. At the same time, the advent of the digital era and the lingering global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are imposing new challenges and opening novel opportunities for businesses across Asian countries from Saudi Arabia to China.  It is in the context of these complexities and opportunities that this special issue is being developed.  

The principal aim of this call for papers is to galvanize research that enhances our understanding of business and economic practices in the Asian context, recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities in this region. By doing so, we hope to facilitate knowledge exchange, promote innovative business strategies, and contribute to sustainable economic growth across  Asian countries. 

List of Topic Areas

As new research on Asia is still emerging on the global stage, this special issue represents a call for new frontiers of research themes that attempt to explore key evolving topics that would help advance business practices and theory using unique insights from this region. These themes are expected to enhance and expand theoretical models established in developed countries, or even create new models that reflect the distinctive setting of Asian region. The call for papers is a step to encourage researchers to demonstrate both rigor and relevance in research that can advise and influence managerial practices across different regions (e.g., GCC-6, Middle East, South Asia, East Asia and Asia Pacific). Overall, high-level research is expected to address important business issues. The following themes represent general guidance, but new themes are also welcome in this special issue: 

  • Emergence of National, Regional and Global MNCs across Asia such as Emirates Airline. 
  • Entrepreneurial Innovations across Asian countries as found in Dubai.  
  • Digital Transformation and E-Business across the Continent of Asia as evident in India. 
  • Sustainable Business Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility as evident in Singapore. 
  • Emergence of an Asian Consumer with distinctive Personality and Unique Lifestyle like American Consumer or European Consumer as evident in Japan, South Korea and China. 
  • New Trends in Asian Hospitality and Tourism Management as evident in the consumer behavior of Chinese Tourists traveling globally.  
  • Asian countries trying to develop new Economic Models for country development as practiced in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Saudi Arabia (a new country in the making) asserting itself on the global stage with new vigor, vitality and farsightedness. 

Submissions Information

Submissions should be original and should adhere to the ‘Style and Format’ guide for authors that can be found on the journal’s website.  

Submissions should be made between July 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 at Please select this issue from the drop down menu provided during submission. 

If you have any queries regarding manuscripts, please direct them to Prof. Zafar U. Ahmed (Guest Editor) via his email:  [email protected]  

All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer review process. 

Key Deadlines

Closing Date: 31st Dec 2023
Acceptance deadline: 31st Dec 2024

Guest Editor

Prof. Dr. Zafar U. Ahmed has been serving King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Saudi Arabia) as a Professor of Marketing and International Business since September 1, 2023. He earned his BBA in International Business from the University of the State of New York (USA), an MBA in International Business from the Texas A&M International University (USA), and a Ph.D., in a Business Related Field (with specialization in Branding) from Utah State University (USA) in 1988.  He has published over 200  scholarly papers in Scopus, Web of Science and ISI indexed journals. He has a Google Scholar Citation Index of over 8,000, an “h-index of 42”, and “i-10 index of 108” to his credit. He has organized and presided over 20 global conferences across the world, serves on the editorial boards of more than 10 world-class journals, and serves as the Founder, President and CEO, US based Academy for Global Business Advancement, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Switzerland based and Scopus indexed “Journal for Global Business Advancement”, and Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Switzerland based and Scopus indexed, “Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development”.  


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