Contemporary Developments in Understanding Desistance among Individuals who have Sexually Offended


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This issue aims to bring together the most up-to-date thinking and research into people who desist from sexual offending. We are looking for reviews from leading academics in this area as well findings from primary research. The issue seeks to cover barriers to and enablers of desistance (including psychological, material, social and systemic issues), development and evaluation of programmes, services and interventions to support desistance among people convicted of sexual offences, and innovations and methodological challenges and opportunities in desistance research.

List of Topic Areas

  • Stigma, 
  • Shame, 
  • Masculinity, 
  • Social norms, 
  • Social attitudes towards people convicted of sexual offences, 
  • Interventions or services supporting desistance, 
  • Desistance among men and women convicted of sexual offences with learning difficulties and challenges, 
  • Desistance among women convicted of sexual offences, 
  • Ethnicity and desistance, 
  • Research methods in desistance research

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Key Deadlines

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