Construction 4.0: Methodologies, technologies and skills

Submission Deadline Date: 31 December 2022


The built environment is experiencing a digital transformation of technologies, processes and policies, helping professionals to make quicker and more informed decisions based on reliable data. To answer these changes, new and innovative skills are required for successful professionals who want to operate in the Construction 4.0 on a global scale. On the one side, it is essential to understand how to capture, create, manage, check and store data effectively using advanced processes and techniques. On the other side, hard skills should be supported by soft ones to establish effective interpersonal relationships.

This Special Issue intends to give a broader perspective of the Construction 4.0 aggregating the most advanced knowledge/competences on technologies and methodologies with the required non-technical aspects related to soft-skills and education.

The authors are invited to submit papers aiming specific targets in terms of research and development, particularly regarding to the connection with industry, and in terms of education. Expected papers will cover various topics related, but not limited, to the following topics supporting Construction 4.0 implementation:

  1. Methodologies for the built environment:

Building/city information modelling, computational design, Artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning, big data, cloud computing, data analytics and visualization, lean construction, advanced project management, sustainability, circular building economy, geographical information systems, advanced business models, risk and disaster management, quality management, legal prospective.

  1. Technologies for the built environment:

Digital twins, smart cities, reality capture (photogrammetry, laser scanning, drones), extended reality (augmented, virtual and mixed reality), gamification, computational construction and manufacturing, bio-inspired and nano materials, structural health monitoring, sensors, IoT, smart transaction, cybersecurity, blockchain, health & safety (mobile and wearable devices, QR codes, RFID).

  1. Soft skills for the built environment:

Digital leadership, digital communication, self and relationship management skills and critical thinking.


Submission Information:

Expressions of interests and submissions of abstracts can be sent to the Guest Editors ahead of submission.

Submission deadline: 31st December 2022

Please submit papers using the ScholarOne submission system:

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Guest Editors:

Marzia Bolpagni, Northumbria University, [email protected]  

Diogo Ribeiro, Polytechnic of Porto - School of Engineering, [email protected]

Rui Gavina, Europe Foundation Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI), [email protected]