Collaborating and Sharing with AI



The growing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday life is changing the nature of service interactions for employees and customers alike. Increasing number of retailers endeavour to apply or have introduced a range of AI innovations, both as a way to increase operational efficiency (e.g. self-checkout) and to enhance the retail experience (e.g. suggesting products ordered by similar users).

While we have been accumulating knowledge about consumer acceptance of technology, including AI, our understanding of how we collaborate and share with AI is still sparse. Almost all publications are either focus on technology acceptance or comparing humans' abilities with that of AI, whereas no research has taken the sharing and collaborative lens, which is the focus of this SI. Employees can collaborate with bots or robots at work whereby work processes and decisions can become more intertwined. Also, consumers-AI joint decision-making can hugely reduce consumers’ effort and cost by shortening their decision making journey (e.g., searching and analysing information) and improving their experiences.

For more detail, watch the guest editors discuss their special issue in this video.


This special issue seeks to publish cutting edge research that examines the theoretical and managerial implications of employees’ and customers’ collaboration and sharing with AI in work, consumption, and service contexts. Some examples of topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • User perception and interaction with AI
  • AI-empowered users
  • Frontline employees’ coordination and collaboration with AI
  • New dual (human-digital) frontline
  • Customer-AI Joint Decision Making
  • Customer-AI Shared Journey
  • Customer Experience Management with Digital Technologies
  • Employee-(ro)bot collaboration

We encourage all authors interested in this special issue to submit their paper to Track 8 Services, Retailing and Customer Experience at ANZMAC 22 at the University of Western Australia.

Papers targeting this special issue, Collaboration and Sharing with AI, should be submitted through the Journal of Service Theory and Practice (JSTP) submission system. The deadline for submitting full papers is 10 January 2023 , but early submissions are encouraged. Please note that the submission system closes at the start of 10 January (CET).

The SI editors will review all papers and only a select few papers will proceed to the next round and go through a double-blind review process. Papers will go through two rounds of double-blind reviews, and the special issue is scheduled to be published in the second half of 2023.

Key Dates 

  • Submission Opening – 13th Dec 2022
  • Submission closing date: 31st March 2023

Papers submitted must not have been published, accepted for publication, or presently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles should not exceed a word limit of 8000 words (all-inclusive) and must make a contribution to service theory and practice. Please ensure that your papers follow the JSTP author guidelines available here.

Guest Editors

Laszlo Sajtos (University of Auckland)
[email protected]

Shasha Wang (Queensland University of Technology)

Sanjit K Roy (University of Western Australia)

Carlos Flavián (University of Zaragoza

Please send inquires about the SI to: Laszlo Sajtos [email protected]