Challenges for Internationalization and Sustainability in Business


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This special issue delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by companies on their path to internationalization and sustainability. In a world that is increasingly connected, but also more aware of the limits of our planet, organizations are looking to adapt and thrive through digital transformation, the implementation of responsible corporate governance practices, and the adoption of corporate social responsibility as central axes for their international expansion. We explore how digital transformation not only facilitates new ways of operating in international markets, but also offers tools for more efficient and sustainable management. The digitalization of business processes opens doors to a more agile internationalization adapted to the challenges of the 21st century, allowing companies to respond quickly to the changing dynamics of the global market.

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility are presented as fundamental pillars to build a solid foundation on which companies can sustain their international growth. These aspects not only improve the company's image in the eyes of stakeholders and consumers, but also ensure an operation aligned with ethical and sustainability principles, essential for long-term success on the global stage.

Furthermore, it delves into the role of innovation and branding in green marketing, highlighting how these areas can drive sustainable consumption and offer companies a competitive advantage in international markets. Global trends point towards a more informed and environmentally committed consumer, which requires companies to take an innovative and conscious approach to their product and service offerings.

The implementation of internationalization strategies in sustainable companies requires a meticulous approach that considers cultural, economic and regulatory adaptation to global markets, while promoting responsible business development. This balance is crucial to ensure not only commercial success, but also to contribute positively to social and environmental challenges in host countries. 

In addition, it examines the development of sustainable financial instruments for internationalization, exploring how responsible financing mechanisms can facilitate the global expansion of ethical business. 

Finally, economic, finance and energy policies in the face of environmental and global challenges are analysed, underlining the importance of a regulatory framework that promotes sustainable and responsible business practices. 

This special issue invites academics, practitioners, and students to reflect on these specific lines, offering a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by companies and institutions in their quest for sustainable international growth.


List of topic areas

  • Digital transformation, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility for business internationalization.
  • Innovation and branding in green marketing: global trends and analysis for Sustainable Consumption.
  • Implementation of internationalization strategies in sustainable companies: a focus on adapting to global markets and promoting responsible business development. Development of sustainable financial instruments for the internationalization of companies: exploration of responsible financing mechanisms and their impact on the global expansion of ethical business.
  • Analysis of economic, financial and energy policies in the face of environmental and global challenges.


Guest Editors 

Dr. Benoît Mougenot,
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Peru
[email protected]

Dra. Africa Calanchez Urribarri,
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Peru
[email protected] 

Dr. Kerwin Chavez Vera,
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Peru,
[email protected]

Dr. Godofredo Illa Sihuincha,
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Peru
[email protected]


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