Call for abstracts: Migration as a strategy to cope with climate change and droughts

The International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management (IJCCSM) invites interested teams of authors to submit a paper to the special issue titled "Migration as a strategy to cope with climate change and droughts". 

Overview of special issue

Changes in the hydrological cycle caused by a global warming are exacerbating the recurrence and intensity of droughts events. This severe climate-related hazard affects large areas every year in different regions of the world. Some direct effects of droughts, among others are desertification, land degradation, ecosystems and social instability. A migration of local vulnerable population to more secure regions has been seen as a response to cope with this extreme climate event.

Due to the connections between climate change, drought and migration the journal is producing a special issue dedicated to this theme.

Indicative list of anticipated themes:

  • Mapping territories exposed to droughts;
  • Drought and environmental damages;
  • Migration as a local adaptation to cope with drought
  • Drought effects on local and national demographic structure
  • Documenting mass migration due to droughts
  • Documenting, loss of livelihoods, poverty and internal or cross-border migration due to droughts
  • Local innovations strategies to face droughts;
  • Public policy measures to cope with droughts;
  • Governance of drought risk
  • Relocation and Resettlement cases due to droughts
  • Counting the economics effects of droughts
  • Drought, hunger and aid dependency
  • Other themes may also be considered.

Research teams working on the topic and interested to have their work reviewed for an open access journal, are now invited to make a submission. Submissions of expressions of interest, consisting of an abstract with a 200 words outline of the paper, along with the names and contact details of the authors, should be sent to the editorial team at: [email protected].

The deadline for expressions of interest is 30th September 2021.


The Editorial Team (send the abstract to [email protected])