Call for abstracts: Economics of Climate Change Adaptation

Economics of Climate Change Adaptation
Guest editors

Guest Editor

Dr Taoyuan Wei, CICERO Center for International Climate Research, Norway ([email protected])

The International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management (IJCCSM) is a fully open access paper, which focuses on all aspects of climate change management. This is an invitation for expressions of interest to contribute to a special issue on the economics of climate change adaptation.

As the global warming is unavoidable, adaptation measures, either autonomous, planned, or natural, are necessary to minimize the negative impact of climate change and increase the climate resilience of the society at the local, regional, and global levels. Economic assessment of adaptation measures has been widely used to provide valuable and supportive information for decision-makers and stakeholders. This special issue calls for new studies on the economics of climate change adaptation. An adaptation policy or measure can have multiple effects on various issues such as economic development, welfare distribution, and climate mitigation. Various approaches can be used for the economic analysis of an adaptation measure like cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness approach, multi-criteria analysis, real options analysis, robust decision making, iterative risk management approach, and portfolio analysis. An analysis can be a local case study or a generalized macroeconomic assessment. Adaptation measures can be implemented in various sectors including agriculture, energy, water, tourism, health, and inter-sectoral relationships.

Indicative list of anticipated themes:

  • Incentives and barriers for reducing climate change impacts.
  • Risk, uncertainty, and resilience assessment.
  • Advances on analytical methods, models and approaches.
  • Market and non-market net benefit analysis.
  • Integrated assessment of adaptation, development, mitigation, and other issues.
  • Intra- and inter-generational distribution, fairness, and equity.
  • Changes in behaviors and lifestyles.
  • Valuation, efficiency and feasibility of adaptation projects and measures.
  • Analysis of cross-sectoral linkages.

Expressions of interest, consisting of a 250 words abstract with the full contact details of the authors, should be sent to: Taoyuan Wei.

The deadlines are as follows:

Abstract submission deadline: 20th November 2021

Papers submission: 20th February 2022