Call for abstracts: Deep Learning based Soft Sensor for Industrial Autonomous Process Control

Deadline for abstract submissions: 5 January 2022

Overview of special issue

This special issue contributes to the novel ideas in the deep learning-based soft sensors for industrial autonomous process control which is the need of the hour in updating Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0. The issue highlights the need for the deep learning-based sensor in the industry to measure data and handle the complicated machine hassle-free.

Autonomous process control plays a vital role in monitoring and controlling machinery, systems, and processes across industries. The autonomous process control is highly automated which are engaged in industrial preparation, processing and manufacturing to ensure that raw materials and energy are consumed in a conservative and efficient manner. The success and efficiency of the autonomous process control is truly based on the development of the soft sensor. In this context, the ability to measure pressures, levels, and flow rates reliably and precisely in harsh, humid, dusty and hazardous environment are essential and require advancement in measuring sensor for the effective operation of industrial in autonomous process control. Hence, in autonomous process control, the deep learning based soft sensor allows making transformations in traditional sensor-based control strategies to build up an advanced modern efficient control strategy, thereby creating hassle-free modern equipment and intelligent control techniques for the effective operation of industrial autonomous process control.

In this regard, a common platform is always in need to share the views of different researchers relating to the complicated facets of deep learning based soft sensors in the areas of industrial autonomous process control. This special issue explores novel concepts and practices with a long-term goal of a fully-automated lifestyle fostered by the technological advances of deep learning based soft sensors in a wide spectrum of industrial applications. We invite authors from both industries and academia to submit original research and review articles that cover the design, implementation, and optimization with the specific focus on design, fabrication, and applications of deep learning based soft sensor.

Indicative list of anticipated themes:

  • Deep learning based soft sensor for the automation of industry
  • Monitoring and controlling using deep learning based soft sensor
  • Innovative solutions for design and fabrication of deep learning based soft sensor
  • Level sensing in industries using deep learning based soft sensor
  • Advantages of using deep learning based soft sensor in industrial autonomous process control

Submission information

If you are interested in submitting to this special issue, please send an abstract to [email protected]

The abstract deadline date is 5 January 2022

Once your abstract has been reviewed, the Editorial team will be in touch regarding full paper submissions.