Blockchain and Public Governance

Submissions open 15th June 2023


We are pleased to announce a call for papers for a special issue on "Blockchain and Public Governance" to be published in International Journal of Public Sector Management

The use of blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that public governance is conducted, offering new possibilities for transparency, accountability, and trust. But the actual implementation of blockchain in the public sector seems to remain limited. This special issue seeks to explore the ways in which blockchain technology is being used, or could be used, in the realm of public governance, including but not limited to applications in voting systems, supply chain management, public record-keeping, and citizen engagement. The special issue will focus on understanding the implications of this technology on public governance/management, the trust and public value systems, and the formation of citizen-centric and decentralized systems in public governance. We invite papers that explore the motivation, impeding and facilitating factors, trade-off conditions, leadership competencies and skills in adopting and implementing blockchain solutions in public governance. Since blockchain implementation is subject to organizational change, we also encourage researchers to take up this issue as well.   

We are particularly interested in papers that offer empirical or case study evidence of the use of blockchain in public governance, as well as papers theoretical and conceptual papers that explore this technology's potential implications and challenges for public administrations. We welcome submissions from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including but not limited to political science, public administration, computer science, and law. Regardless of the disciplinary perspective of the paper, the papers need to link clearly to public administration and management theories not just to practice, and make a clear and substantial theoretical contribution to public administration and management theories. 

List of topic areas

The special issue is open to papers that address the adoption and use of blockchain technology in the public sector. 
Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Implementation challenges of blockchain-based systems in the public sector
  • Trade-offs at the design level of governance of/by blockchain and their implications on public value systems
  • The relationship between blockchain and trust (citizen and/or administrative)
  • The leadership skills and competencies that public managers require to adopt and use blockchain
  • The change processes that public organizations go through as they adopt blockchain

Methodologies such as surveys, multiple case studies, conceptual/theoretical contributions, and experimental approaches are all considered suitable for this call. Systematic literature reviews are welcomed but only if they can provide a strong conceptual and theoretical contribution as a main takeaway from the study.

Submissions Information

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Submitted articles must not have been previously published, nor should they be under consideration for publication anywhere else, while under review for this journal.

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Key deadlines

Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 15/06/2023

Closing date for manuscripts submission: 15/12/2023

Closing date for abstract submission: 01/06/2023

Email for submissions: [email protected]