Blockchain and Fintech Innovation



Blockchain and Fintech Innovation are modernizing global financial systems, however, there is very little understanding of opportunities and challenges that directly lead to the advancement of theoretical and practical impacts for accounting systems and their outcomes that benefit businesses, the economy, society, and governments. In this space, recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) also have a deep impact on propelling autonomous systems in which machines have developed superior capabilities in managing billions and trillions of financial transactions in less than a nanosecond with the power of merging with quantum computing which is an unprecedented human development for advancement.

The focus of this special is to understand fintech and blockchain applications having direct & indirect impacts on accounting information systems modernization, new findings on core concepts, emerging theoretical and practical scenarios, and important issues and solutions including the role of modern technologies such as AI, Web3, and Data Decentralisation. The role of decentralized finance is imminent and cannot be underestimated to drive advanced financial systems, and the future of financial systems is deeply embedded in digital technology for driving financial transformation for accounting systems, nevertheless, it requires a deeper understanding of developing advanced financial systems that can seamlessly function with little or no human intervention. The new advancement for institutions and their leaders is to identify key elements that direct a scientific approach to accounting systems and develop strategic innovations connecting people, blockchain and fintech to drive fundamental change.

List of topic areas

All topics in blockchain and fintech innovations including:

  • digital decentralized finance innovations,
  • decentralized financial ecosystem,
  • decentralized exchanges (DEX),
  • blockchain technologies,
  • digital money and cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others),
  • non-fungible token,
  • central bank digital currency (CBDC),
  • metaverse and finance,
  • artificial intelligence (AI),
  • digital innovation for the cybersecurity of blockchain and fintech
  • web3, and other relevant topics.

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