Beyond the state’s reach: Education and citizen-making in China


Considerable effort has been made to explore the Chinese state’s construction of citizenship through formal schooling in a top-down manner, but a variety of citizen-making practices have emerged beyond the state reach for cultivating a mosaic of citizenship identities and roles. Through examining the different scenarios in both formal and informal educational settings, this special issue draws attention to the dynamics of citizen-making processes among the different social groups in contemporary Chinese society. This special issue aims to:

  1. To address citizen-making practices that have emerged beyond the state reach, a research area scantily attended in the current literature on China’s citizenship and citizenship education;
  2. To enrich the sociological analysis of social transformation in China from a citizenship perspective;
  3. To explore the implications of Chinese traditional culture (e.g., Confucianism and Daoism) for the making of new types of Chinese citizen. This is an understudied area in the existing scholarship;
  4. To make fresh contributions to the broad areas of China studies, citizenship studies, and education studies.

List of topic areas

  • Social transformation and citizenship;
  • citizenship and educational policies/reforms;
  • Traditional cultures and citizenship;
  • nationalism, individualism and citizen-making.

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Canglong Wang

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