Architecture and Technology: Challenges and Opportunities

Submission deadline date: 31 March 2024


The special issue is aimed at addressing the pivotal role of technology in the past, present, and future of all or any building activity. In terms of topicality, the issue takes view of a building across its entire life cycle, spanning from the design, construction, operation, maintenance, demolition, and waste management as well. The issue is resulting from a symposium (Manipal International Symposium on Design 2024) that will invite contributions focusing on pedagogy as well as practice. MiSD 2024 invites academic and industrial papers that can elaborate, highlight, critique and expand our understanding of our interactions between people and built/virtual environment. The challenges facing architecture and the construction industry, particularly with regards to building performance in the face of climate change and its effects on global realities, will require significant changes in the way design professionals think and work. These challenges are formidable, and the industry must address ambitious targets to mitigate these contemporary issues, which will impact the design, construction, and use of all building typologies. These will be applicable not only to new buildings, but also to the retrofitting of existing buildings, their interior design, and buildings considered important from the cultural and historical point of view. The aim is to achieve greater energy efficiency while minimising the impact of carbon, improve the safety and performance of buildings in use, and the efficiency and effectiveness of design and construction methods utilising advanced technologies (such as robotics and modern methods for off-site manufacture and assembly, etc.). To achieve these objectives, technology will play an increasingly important role in design and building construction. Architectural Technology, in particular, will be central in changing design realisation to meet environmental and economic challenges and optimise production and performance. Architectural Technology is an essential part of Architectural Design, and it helps to ensure that creative design and technological solutions result in efficiently and effectively constructed buildings that meet user needs, environmental sustainability, regulatory requirements, in addition to budgetary constraints.

List of topic areas

Papers are invited under any of the following subthemes.

  • Services, structures, and technology in buildings
  • Architecture and Design, climate change and technology
  • Innovative technologies and the future of Design and Architecture
  • Design and Architecture for the society
  • The Future of Design and Design pedagogy

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Key deadlines

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Closing date for manuscripts submission: 31st March, 2024

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