Advancing Integrated Care with Digital Health Innovation


Guest Editors

Carolyn Steele Gray, [email protected]

Nick Guldemond, [email protected]

Jordi Piera Jiménez, [email protected]

Irina Efimenko, [email protected]


The interest in digital health in integrated care has been growing substantially over the last five years, as evidenced through increased publication numbers and citations, conference activities and events worldwide. This trend is only increasing as digital health adoption has expanded across the world as health systems respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

While there has been a significant increase in the number of articles that address digital health and integrated care, there is wide variation in how these two concepts are understood and approached. Given the multifaceted and complex nature of integrated care delivery it is difficult for single papers, scattered over different journals, to provide the necessary breadth and depth to cover key issues surrounding this topic. This special issue offers a unique opportunity to present a tapestry of papers that can cover a wide range of issues (such as delivery, evaluation, implementation) while offering an in-depth exploration of each topic. Papers in this special issue will reflect issues that span micro, meso and macro levels including social and technical factors as well as organizational and financial aspects that influence the adoption of digital health tools in integrated models of care.

Our aim for this special issue is to help advance the meaningful use of technology to enable integrated models of care. To do this, articles will reflect a wide array of issues regarding development, implementation, and evaluation of technologies from both a research/academic and practical perspective. We are additionally keen to see papers which discuss service and systems requirements needed to support these technologies. A key aim for this issue will be transferability and generalizability of findings that can be applied across different jurisdictions to support transformation of practice, as well as advancement of the academic field.

All papers submitted must have clear applicability to integrated models of care. In particular, we are looking for papers that hold a holistic view of integration attending that occurs horizontally and vertically at micro, meso and macro level of the system. Papers can focus on a single level (e.g. policy), however the implications of the findings should be able to inform multiple levels. We will additionally seek a variety of papers that have implications for practice and research/theory.

We have identified four thematic areas for this issue including:

- Development of digital health solutions for integrated care using co-design and co-creation approaches

- Implementation of digital health solutions to enable models of integrated care, including enabling factors and business models

- Evaluation of digital health solutions in models of integrated care

- Pressing issues facing digital health in models of integrated care. “Pressing issues” papers address a particularly thorny challenge facing digital health in integrated care. These issues can include:

o Interoperability challenges

o Policy and regulatory issues across borders

o Measurement challenges


Deadline and Submission Details

The submission deadline for all papers is 31st January 2022

The publication date of this special issue is July 2022

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