A retrospective and prospective of how to develop managers, framed by post-pandemic experiences of digital transformation



After the world has been reduced to a screen for two years, there is a need for scholars to reflect on what can be learnt from the pandemic experiences of digital transformation. The purpose of the special issue is to explore and identify best practices regarding how to develop managers in an age of uncertainty, with specific reference to responsible management development. The intention is to span boundaries beyond the conventional ideas of “developing managers” for the corporate world – and instead explore new approaches that can be considered more inclusive, sustainable and that have social impact. 
To this end, papers are welcomed from different contexts. Emphasis is given to scholars who examine the impact of pandemic-driven digital disruption on responsible management development, with a view to introducing new approaches to developing management skills. The focus is on how to prepare individuals for future (unforeseeable) management challenges, exploring ways to build resilience, and above all, distilling the lessons that can be learnt from the pandemic experiences of digital transformation.  

List of topic areas:

  1. New business models for encouraging greater collaboration and cooperation with the intention of developing innovative management)
  2. Investigations into social learning and peer learning through digital learning environments
  3. New development in change management intervention, crisis management and agile approaches to sustainable management.
  4. Live action role play (LARP) for responsible management development, 
  5. Use of simulation process (offline and online) including place-based simulation and multiple partner for sustainable collaboration from a management perspective (with ASIB – Association of Society in Business), 
  6. Industry collaboration (e.g., EDUMONDO & LJMU), 
  7. Gaming and gamification for management education and management development,  

Management Development often has a strong facilitative emphasis that draws upon the experience of managers and leaders. The editorial team welcome papers that explore this dimension, framed by the themes listed above. 

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Dr Madeleine Stevens: 
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Monika Foster
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Yvonne Dickson-Todd
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