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Ram Mudambi animation.

Image: Geography of Innovation infographic Image: Exclusive Blog.

Ram Mudambi - Mapping Innovation

Explore the geography of innovation and find out how explicit networks of knowledge interlink places, people and businesses.

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James Peoples animation.

Image: Economics of Transportation infographicImage: Exclusive Blog.

James Peoples - Economics of Transportation

Find out how deregulation of transportation affects the economy, technological development and investment.

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This edition of Research Focus, exploring Business & Management, is designed to stimulate debate and disseminate groundbreaking research in North America, making it a valuable and lasting resource.

Research Focus animation.


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Industry focused articles

Image: James Peoples

Transportation: making the world go round Image: Exclusive Blog.
James Peoples

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Image: PJ Purchase

Online University Library: University of Phoenix
PJ Purchase

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Image: David Shumaker

The Catholic University of AmericaImage: Exclusive Blog.
David Shumaker

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Image: Gina Vega

Case by case Image: Exclusive Blog.
Gina Vega

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Image: Howard Thomas

Business Education JamImage: Exclusive Blog.
Howard Thomas

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Also inside this issue

Image: Charles Richard Baker

Balancing the books
Charles Richard Baker

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Image: H Kent Baker

Finance: a field of interest
H Kent Baker

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Image: John Bowen
Image: Exclusive Blog.

Cutting-edge hospitality
John Bowen

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Image: Andrew Cannon

A matter of trust
Andrew Cannon

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Image: Victoria Crittenden

Consistently diverseImage: Exclusive Blog.
Victoria Crittenden

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Image: Amy Edmondson

Management across frontiers
Amy Edmondson

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Image: Alexander Ellinger

True fulfilment
Alexander Ellinger

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Image: Joshua Hall

Enabling enterprise
Joshua Hall

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Image: Juliane Lannarelli

AACSB International
Juliane Iannarelli

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Image: Jim Jansen

Netting data
Jim Jansen

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Image: Kevin Kelloway

Occupying the mind
Kevin Kelloway

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Image: Mark Mendenhall

Learning to lead
Mark Mendenhall

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Image: Ram Mudambi

Local enterprise, global valueImage: Exclusive Blog.
Ram Mudambi

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Image: William Newburry

Foreignness: asset or liability?
William Newburry

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Image: Robin Roberts

Research to serve the public interest
Robin Roberts

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Image: Gangaram Singh

Do top journals stop creative research?
Gangaram Singh

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Image: Katherine Smith

Building a community of corporate citizens
Katherine Smith

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Image: Calum Turvey

Feeding the mind – and the world
Calum Turvey

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Image: Harry Van Buren

Business principles and principled businesses
Harry Van Buren

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Image: Professor Arch Woodside

Ingredients for happiness at work
Arch Woodside

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Image: Lu Xiao

Constructive exchanges
Lu Xiao

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InBrief: related news

Leaders under control

A global assessment has revealed some surprising findings about the potential causes and cures of work-related stress.

Fines hit Fiat Chrysler in order to drive safety home

Regulators have imposed a huge fine, as well as some more unusual penalties, on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after vehicle safety laws were violated.

Restoring transparency and trust

Although people rarely stop to think about the story behind the products they consume, one innovative start-up is seeking to change this.

New laws to target non-compete agreements in employee contracts

In June, new legislation was introduced that aims to prevent non-compete agreements being put in place for employees earning under US $15 an hour.

Round-up: Driving corporate responsibility

With a growing emphasis on corporate social responsibility in the global business community, brands the world over are taking business ethics more seriously.

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