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Gendered Entrepreneurship: Community and Society

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy

Guest Editors: Veland Ramadani & Vanessa Ratten

The Call

Gendered entrepreneurship is about how business ventures whether they are profit or socially motivated are influenced by male and female characteristics towards innovation, risk-taking and creative endeavours; this impacts communities and this is the theme of this special issue. Our objective is to increase the interest in gendered entrepreneurship by focusing on the role of community. Increasingly there has been more attention paid to the role of gender in entrepreneurship because it affects different types of business ventures and the ability of these to succeed in the long term (Dana, 2007; Ramadani, Gërguri, Dana and Tašaminova, 2013; Ratten and Dana, 2015). Communities in the global economy have a gendered approach to entrepreneurship that is impacted by a countries economic progress and involvement in the business environment. This special issue will focus on the determinants, motivations and constraints of male and female entrepreneurs by focusing on the community. This will help us advance our understanding of how gender and economic growth is linked in various communities. The special issue will also provide a better understanding about the differences and similarities between male and female entrepreneurs. Papers that have a conceptual, theoretical or empirical perspective about gendered entrepreneurship will be considered.

Possible topics include:

• Ethnicity and gender entrepreneurship (see Dana, 2007)
• Gender and entrepreneurial intentions (see Haus, Steinmetz, Isidor, & Kabst, 2013)
• Gender and Indigenous entrepreneurship (see Peredo, Anderson, Galbraith, Honig & Dana, 2004)
• Gender and Indigenous innovation (see Ratten, & Dana 2015)
• Gender and new business creations (see Klapper & Parker, 2010)
• Gender and perception of opportunity (see Dana, 1995)
• Gendered understanding of internationalization (see Hamilton, Dana & Benfell, 2008)
• Planning and managing businesses based on gender differences (see Walker, Wang, & Redmond, 2007).
• Perspectives of gender-based enterprises and impact on community (see Ramadani, Rexhepi, Abazi-Alili, Beqiri & Thaçi, 2015)
• Profiles of male and female entrepreneurs in their community and society (see Ramadani, Hisrich & Gërguri-Rashiti, 2015)
• Supporting policies and programs of gendered entrepreneurship (see Ramadani, Rexhepi, Abazi-Alili, Beqiri & Thaçi, 2015)

Submission details:

Papers presented at the EURAM 2016 ‘Gender Issues in Entrepreneurship: What We Know and What We Should Know (T 03_07)’ track will be considered for this special issue. However, other papers are also welcome and will be considered for this special journal issue. The deadline for submitting full papers is 30th June 2016. Informal enquiries can be directed to any of the guest editors:  Veland Ramadani [email protected] and Vanessa Ratten [email protected]. Please submit your paper via the website. Please note the specific Author Guidelines for submissions to regular/special issues of JEC here -


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