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Awards for Excellence - 2018

Outstanding Author Contributions

Advanced Series in Management

Successful Aging at Work and Beyond: A Review and Critical Perspective
Hannes Zacher, Cort W. Rudolph
Book volume 17

Job Design and Older Workers
Franco Fraccaroli, Sara Zaniboni, Donald Truxillo
Book volume 17

Corporate Diplomacy and Institutional Upheaval in Host Countries: The ‘Arab Spring’ Experience of Two Canadian Multinationals in Egypt
Ali Taleb, Catalin Ratiu, Rick Molz
Book volume 18

Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations

An Empirical Investigation of Student Career Interests in Auditing Using the Big Five Model of Personality
Travis Holt, Lisa A. Burke-Smalley, Christopher Jones
Book volume 20

Advances in Airline Economics

Low-Cost Carriers and Airports: A Complex Relationship
Paolo Beria, Antonio Laurino, Maria Nadia Postorino
Book volume 6

Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research

The Transaction Error: Supplier’s Mistake in the Transaction
Srirung Klinjan, Tzung-Cheng (T. C.) Huan
Book volume 14

From Tourism Destination to Mundane Consumption of Place: An Asian Introspection of France
Wided Batat, Sakal Phou
Book volume 13

Advances in Econometrics

The Deterrence Effect of Prison: Dynamic Theory and Evidence
David S. Lee, Justin McCrary
Book volume 38

Identification and Estimation Using a Density Discontinuity Approach
Hugo Jales, Zhengfei Yu
Book volume 38

Advances in Gender Research

Insights into Vietnamese Culture of Gender and Factors Hindering Academic Women’s Advancement to Leadership Positions
Ngoc Lan Thi Dang
Book volume 23

Another Science War: Fictitious Evidence on Women’s Fertility and the “Egg Aging” Panic in 2010s Japan
Sigeto Tanaka
Book volume 24

Advances in Global Leadership

The Nature of Global Leaders’ Work
Tina Huesing, James D. Ludema
Book volume 10

Advances in Hospitality and Leisure

On-Site and Memorable Tourist Experiences: Trending Toward Value and Quality-of-Life Outcomes
Anita Zatori, Meghan Beardsley
Book volume 13

Advances in International Management

New Business Models In-The-Making in Extant MNCs: Digital Transformation in a Telco
Àngels Dasí, Frank Elter, Paul N. Gooderham, Torben Pedersen
Book volume 30

Advances in Library Administration and Organization

Into the Weeds: Emotions and Deselection in the Library
Lindsey Reno, Megan Lowe
Book volume 37

Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity

The Respect Project in the Rear-View Mirror: Past, Present and Future of International Professional and Ethics Guidelines for Social Science Research
Meta Gorup
Book volume 1

Advances in Research on Teaching

Finding Footholds in a Construction Zone: Navigating the Discourses of English Language Arts with Pre-Service Teachers in the 21st Century
Cori McKenzie, Michael Macaluso, Kati Macaluso
Book volume 27

Choosing the Best Alternative: The Branching Pathways of Consequences in Social Studies Curriculum Choice-Making
Joey Persinger, Vicki Ross
Book volume 28

Yupiunrirngaitua/The Skirt I Refuse to Wear
Panigkaq Agatha John-Shields
Book volume 29

Applications of Management Science

A Readiness Decision Model for Canceling Navy Ship Maintenance Availabilities
Christopher M. Williams, Patrick T. Hester
Book volume 18

Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Adão Flores, Elsa Pereira, Henrique Graça
Book volume 8

Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research

“Enjoy the Heat of a Log, and Heed the Advice of the Elders”: Religious, Educational, and Neighborhood Determinants of Parental Influence on Spousal Choice in Nepal
Emily McKendry-Smith
Book volume 11

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

Frugality and the Intrinsic Value of Nature
Laszlo Zsolnai
Book volume 26

Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility

Ancient Grains and New Markets: The Selling of Quinoa as Story and Substance
John Drew, Aaron Dickinson Sachs, Cecilia Sueiro, John R. Stepp
Book volume 11

The Institutionalization of Anti-Corruption Practices in Indonesian Companies
Juniati Gunawan, Corina Joseph
Book volume 12

Dialogues in Critical Management Studies

Writing with Eve: Queering Paper
Ann Rippin
Book volume 3

International Perspectives on Education and Society

Pedagogical Orientations and Foundations in the Discourse Emanating from the OECD’s TALIS Initiative
Anthony Cerqua, Clermont Gauthier, Martial Dembélé
Book volume 31

Flourishing in the Face of Constant Disruption: Cultivating the T-Professional or Adaptive Innovator Through WIL
Phil Gardner
Book volume 32

The European Center of Science Productivity: Research Universities and Institutes in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom
Justin J. W. Powell, Jennifer Dusdal
Book volume 33

International Perspectives on Inclusive Education

Reclaiming Disability through Pimatisiwin: Indigenous Ethics, Spatial Justice, and Gentle Teaching
Margaret M. Kress
Book volume 9

Ability and Opportunity in the Rearview Mirror
Emma Van der Klift, Norm Kunc
Book volume 10

Engaging Students in Inclusive Literacy Learning with Technology
Grace Oakley
Book volume 11

Introduction to Service-Learning and Inclusive Education
Dianne Chambers, Shane Lavery
Book volume 12

Progress in International Business Research

Are We at a Turning Point for Distance Research in International Business Studies?
Douglas Dow
Book volume 12

Research in Economic Anthropology

Cultural Economics and Ramifications of Home-Brewing, Selling and Consumption of Alcohol among the Maragoli of Western Kenya
Edwins Laban Moogi Gwako
Book volume 37

Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations

Book volume

War and Famine around the Indian Ocean during the Second World War
Lance Brennan, Les Heathcote, Anton Lucas
Book volume 18

Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being

All Roads Lead to Well-Being: Unexpected Relationships Between Organizational Politics Perceptions, Employee Engagement, and Worker Well-Being
Zinta S. Byrne, Steven G. Manning, James W. Weston, Wayne A. Hochwarter
Book volume 15

Research in Political Economy

Dynamics of the Rate of Surplus Value and the “New Normal” of the Chinese Economy
Hao Qi
Book volume 32

Research in the Sociology of Health Care

Behavioral Functioning Among Mexican-Origin Children: The Roles of Parental Legal Status and the Neighborhood Context
Aggie J. Noah, Nancy S. Landale
Book volume 35

Do You Want to See a Doctor for That? Contextualizing Racial and Ethnic Differences in Care-Seeking
Emily Walton, Denise L. Anthony
Book volume 35

Research in the Sociology of Organizations

The Multinational Corporation as a Playing Field of Power: A Bourdieusian Approach
Giuseppe Delmestri, Mara Brumana
Book volume 49

A Theory of Crowds in Time and Space: Explaining the Cognitive Foundations of a New Market
Sorah Seong
Book volume 50

Opportunity, Status, and Similarity: Exploring the Varied Antecedents and Outcomes of Category Spanning Innovation
Tyler Wry, Adam R. Castor
Book volume 51

When Orders of Worth Clash: Negotiating Legitimacy in Situations of Moral Multiplexity
Juliane Reinecke, Koen van Bommel, Andre Spicer
Book volume 52

Meaning in Organizational Networks – from Social to Digital and Back
Christine Moser, Peter Groenewegen, Julie E. Ferguson
Book volume 53

Research on Economic Inequality

Own and Sibling Effects of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Theory and Evidence from Cambodia
Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Deon Filmer, Norbert Schady
Book volume 25

Research on Emotion in Organizations

Finding Positivity During a Major Organizational Change: In Search of Triggers of Employees’ Positive Perceptions and Feelings
Johanna Raitis, Riikka Harikkala-Laihinen, Melanie Hassett, Niina Nummela
Book volume 13

Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance

The New Jane Crow: Mass Incarceration and the Denied Maternity of Black Women
Chenelle A. Jones, Renita L. Seabrook
Book volume 22

Studies in Media and Communications

Media Epiphanies: Selvies and silences in São Paulo street protests
Heloisa Pait, Juliana Laet
Book volume 13

Turning Fans Into Heroes: How the Harry Potter Alliance Uses the Power of Story to Facilitate Fan Activism and Bloc Recruitment
Jackson Bird, Thomas V. Maher
Book volume 14

Studies in Qualitative Methodology

The Dialogic Production of Informant Specific Maps
Debra Talbot
Book volume 15

Studies in Symbolic Interaction

Harassing the Deviants
Carl J. Couch
Book volume 49

Studies in the Development of Accounting Thought

Martin E. Persson
Book volume 20