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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2017

Citations of Excellence winners

A comprehensive environment friendly approach for supplier selection

Kumar A., Jain V., Kumar S.
Omega (United Kingdom)

A dynamic capabilities-based entrepreneurial theory of the multinational enterprise

Teece D.J.
Journal of International Business Studies

A grand gender convergence: Its last chapter

Goldin C.
American Economic Review

A literature and practice review to develop sustainable business model archetypes

Bocken N.M.P., Short S.W., Rana P., Evans S.
Journal of Cleaner Production

A macroeconomic model with a financial sector

Brunnermeier M.K., Sannikov Y.
American Economic Review

A multi-regional input-output analysis of domestic virtual water trade and provincial water footprint in China

Zhang C., Anadon L.D.
Ecological Economics

A new criterion for assessing discriminant validity in variance-based structural equation modeling

Henseler J., Ringle C.M., Sarstedt M.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

A new user similarity model to improve the accuracy of collaborative filtering

Liu H., Hu Z., Mian A., Tian H., Zhu X.
Knowledge-Based Systems

A novel network data envelopment analysis model for evaluating green supply chain management

Mirhedayatian S.M., Azadi M., Farzipoor Saen R.
International Journal of Production Economics

A Pyrrhic Victory? Bank Bailouts and Sovereign Credit Risk

Acharya V., Drechsler I., Schnabl P.
Journal of Finance

A review of archival auditing research

DeFond M., Zhang J.
Journal of Accounting and Economics

A social network analysis trust-consensus based approach to group decision-making problems with interval-valued fuzzy reciprocal preference relations

Wu J., Chiclana F.
Knowledge-Based Systems

Additive manufacturing: A framework for implementation

Mellor S., Hao L., Zhang D.
International Journal of Production Economics

Advances in leader and leadership development: A review of 25 years of research and theory

Day D.V., Fleenor J.W., Atwater L.E., Sturm R.E., McKee R.A.
Leadership Quarterly

Advancing Research on Hybrid Organizing - Insights from the Study of Social Enterprises

Battilana J., Lee M.
Academy of Management Annals

An Aspirational Framework for Strategic Human Resource Management

Jackson S.E., Schuler R.S., Jiang K.
Academy of Management Annals

Anxious or angry? Effects of discrete emotions on the perceived helpfulness of online reviews

Yin D., Bond S.D., Zhang H.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

Applying complexity theory to deepen service dominant logic: Configural analysis of customer experience-and-outcome assessments of professional services for personal transformations

Wu P.-L., Yeh S.-S., Huan T.C., Woodside A.G.
Journal of Business Research

Assessing the determinants of cloud computing adoption: An analysis of the manufacturing and services sectors

Oliveira T., Thomas M., Espadanal M.
Information and Management

Auxiliary Variables in Mixture Modeling: Three-Step Approaches Using Mplus

Asparouhov T., Muth?n B.
Structural Equation Modeling

Barriers analysis for green supply chain management implementation in Indian industries using analytic hierarchy process

Govindan K., Kaliyan M., Kannan D., Haq A.N.
International Journal of Production Economics

Betting against beta

Frazzini A., Pedersen L.H.
Journal of Financial Economics

Big data: New tricks for econometrics

Varian H.R.
Journal of Economic Perspectives

Binary PSO with mutation operator for feature selection using decision tree applied to spam detection

Zhang Y., Wang S., Phillips P., Ji G.
Knowledge-Based Systems

Capital is back: Wealth-income ratios in rich countries 1700-2010

Piketty T., Zucman G.
Quarterly Journal of Economics

Common Beliefs and Reality About PLS: Comments on R?nkk? and Evermann (2013)

Henseler J., Dijkstra T.K., Sarstedt M., Ringle C.M., Diamantopoulos A., Straub D.W., Ketchen D.J., Hair J.F., Hult G.T.M., Calantone R.J.
Organizational Research Methods

Competitive supply chain network design: An overview of classifications, models, solution techniques and applications

Farahani R.Z., Rezapour S., Drezner T., Fallah S.
Omega (United Kingdom)

Consumer brand engagement in social media: Conceptualization, scale development and validation

Hollebeek L.D., Glynn M.S., Brodie R.J.
Journal of Interactive Marketing

Contesting the value of "creating shared value"

Crane A., Palazzo G., Spence L.J., Matten D.
California Management Review

Contribution behavior in virtual communities: Cognitive, emotional, and social influences

Tsai H.-T., Bagozzi R.P.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

Corporate social responsibility and access to finance

Cheng B., Ioannou I., Serafeim G.
Strategic Management Journal

Corporate social responsibility reporting in China: Symbol or substance?

Marquis C., Qian C.
Organization Science

Crowd science: The organization of scientific research in open collaborative projects

Franzoni C., Sauermann H.
Research Policy

Crowdfunding: Tapping the right crowd

Belleflamme P., Lambert T., Schwienbacher A.
Journal of Business Venturing

Culture of Disengagement in Engineering Education?

Cech E.A.
Science Technology and Human Values

Current options for the valorization of food manufacturing waste: A review

Mirabella N., Castellani V., Sala S.
Journal of Cleaner Production

Current trends in smart city initiatives: Some stylised facts

Neirotti P., De Marco A., Cagliano A.C., Mangano G., Scorrano F.

Data envelopment analysis: Prior to choosing a model

Cook W.D., Tone K., Zhu J.
Omega (United Kingdom)

Data quality for data science, predictive analytics, and big data in supply chain management: An introduction to the problem and suggestions for research and applications

Hazen B.T., Boone C.A., Ezell J.D., Jones-Farmer L.A.
International Journal of Production Economics

Destination image and tourist loyalty: A meta-analysis

Zhang H., Fu X., Cai L.A., Lu L.
Tourism Management

Destination Marketing Organizations and destination marketing: Anarrative analysis of the literature

Pike S., Page S.J.
Tourism Management

Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intent: A Meta-Analytic Test and Integration of Competing Models

Schlaegel C., Koenig M.
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Do consumers respond to marginal or average price? Evidence from nonlinear electricity pricing

Ito K.
American Economic Review

Does high public debt consistently stifle economic growth? A critique of Reinhart and Rogoff

Herndon T., Ash M., Pollin R.
Cambridge Journal of Economics

Dynamic DEA with network structure: A slacks-based measure approach

Tone K., Tsutsui M.
Omega (United Kingdom)

Dynamic mechanism design: A myersonian approach

Pavan A., Segal I., Toikka J.

E-WOM and Accommodation: An Analysis of the Factors That Influence Travelers' Adoption of Information from Online Reviews

Filieri R., McLeay F.
Journal of Travel Research

Ecosystem services as a boundary object for sustainability

Abson D.J., von Wehrden H., Baumg?rtner S., Fischer J., Hanspach J., H?rdtle W., Heinrichs H., Klein A.M., Lang D.J., Martens P., Walmsley D.
Ecological Economics

Electricity price forecasting: A review of the state-of-the-art with a look into the future

Weron R.
International Journal of Forecasting

Embrace erform model: Complexity theory, contrarian case analysis, and multiple realities

Woodside A.G.
Journal of Business Research

Energy intensity developments in 40 major economies: Structural change or technology improvement?

Voigt S., De Cian E., Schymura M., Verdolini E.
Energy Economics

Environmental Income and Rural Livelihoods: A Global-Comparative Analysis

Angelsen A., Jagger P., Babigumira R., Belcher B., Hogarth N.J., Bauch S., B?rner J., Smith-Hall C., Wunder S.
World Development

Financial literacy, financial education, and downstream financial behaviors

Fernandes D., Lynch Jr. J.G., Netemeyer R.G.
Management Science

Fluctuations in uncertainty

Bloom N.
Journal of Economic Perspectives

Followership theory: A review and research agenda

Uhl-Bien M., Riggio R.E., Lowe K.B., Carsten M.K.
Leadership Quarterly

Foreign banks: Trends and impact

Claessens S., Van Horen N.
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Friction stir welding: Process, automation, and control

Gibson B.T., Lammlein D.H., Prater T.J., Longhurst W.R., Cox C.D., Ballun M.C., Dharmaraj K.J., Cook G.E., Strauss A.M.
Journal of Manufacturing Processes

From sick man of europe to economic superstar: Germany's resurgent economy

Dustmann C., Fitzenberger B., Sch?nberg U., Spitz-Oener A.
Journal of Economic Perspectives

From the editors: Big data and management

George G., Haas M.R., Pentland A.
Academy of Management Journal

Geo-located Twitter as proxy for global mobility patterns

Hawelka B., Sitko I., Beinat E., Sobolevsky S., Kazakopoulos P., Ratti C.
Cartography and Geographic Information Science

Getting to the "COR": Understanding the Role of Resources in Conservation of Resources Theory

Halbesleben J.R.B., Neveu J.-P., Paustian-Underdahl S.C., Westman M.
Journal of Management

Global energy forecasting competition 2012

Hong T., Pinson P., Fan S.
International Journal of Forecasting

Global value chains in a post-Washington Consensus world

Gereffi G.
Review of International Political Economy

Hazardous times for monetary policy: What do twenty-three million bank loans say about the effects of monetary policy on credit risk-taking?

Jim?nez G., Ongena S., Peydr? J.-L., Saurina J.

High-frequency trading and price discovery

Brogaard J., Hendershott T., Riordan R.
Review of Financial Studies

Host perceptions of tourism: A review of the research

Sharpley R.
Tourism Management

How are REDD+ Proponents Addressing Tenure Problems? Evidence from Brazil, Cameroon, Tanzania, Indonesia, and Vietnam

Sunderlin W.D., Larson A.M., Duchelle A.E., Resosudarmo I.A.P., Huynh T.B., Awono A., Dokken T.
World Development

How smart, connected products are transforming competition

Porter M.E., Heppelmann J.E.
Harvard Business Review

Industry platforms and ecosystem innovation

Gawer A., Cusumano M.A.
Journal of Product Innovation Management

Information technology capability and firm performance: Contradictory findings and their possible causes

Chae H.-C., Koh C.E., Prybutok V.R.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

Innovation and Creativity in Organizations: A State-of-the-Science Review, Prospective Commentary, and Guiding Framework

Anderson N., Poto?nik K., Zhou J.
Journal of Management

Interbank tiering and money center banks

Craig B., Von Peter G.
Journal of Financial Intermediation

Key issues and research priorities for public participation GIS (PPGIS): A synthesis based on empirical research

Brown G., Kytt? M.
Applied Geography

Leadership theory and research in the new millennium: Current theoretical trends and changing perspectives

Dinh J.E., Lord R.G., Gardner W.L., Meuser J.D., Liden R.C., Hu J.
Leadership Quarterly

Leveraging external sources of innovation: A review of research on open innovation

West J., Bogers M.
Journal of Product Innovation Management

Making sense of financialization

van der Zwan N.
Socio-Economic Review

Mean-variance portfolio optimization with state-dependent risk aversion

Bj?rk T., Murgoci A., Zhou X.Y.
Mathematical Finance

Measuring the impacts of teachers I: Evaluating bias in teacher value-added estimates

Chetty R., Friedman J.N., Rockoff J.E.
American Economic Review

Measuring the impacts of teachers II: Teacher value-added and student outcomes in adulthood

Chetty R., Friedman J.N., Rockoff J.E.
American Economic Review

Moderation in Management Research: What, Why, When, and How

Dawson J.F.
Journal of Business and Psychology

Motivations for sharing tourism experiences through social media

Munar A.M., Jacobsen J.K.S.
Tourism Management

Multi-objective optimization

Deb K.
Search Methodologies: Introductory Tutorials in Optimization and Decision Support Techniques, Second Edition

Multiple institutional logics in organizations: Explaining their varied nature and implications

Besharov M.L., Smith W.K.
Academy of Management Review

Nanoscale zerovalent iron particles for groundwater remediation: A review

Tosco T., Petrangeli Papini M., Cruz Viggi C., Sethi R.
Journal of Cleaner Production

National Systems of Entrepreneurship: Measurement issues and policy implications

?cs Z.J., Autio E., Szerb L.
Research Policy

Natural fiber reinforced polymer composites in industrial applications: Feasibility of date palm fibers for sustainable automotive industry

Al-Oqla F.M., Sapuan S.M.
Journal of Cleaner Production

New consumer behavior: A review of research on eWOM and hotels

Serra Cantallops A., Salvi F.
International Journal of Hospitality Management

On the contingent value of dynamic capabilities for competitive advantage: The nonlinear moderating effect of environmental dynamism

Schilke O.
Strategic Management Journal

Open innovation: The next decade

West J., Salter A., Vanhaverbeke W., Chesbrough H.
Research Policy

Optimal parameters selection for BP neural network based on particle swarm optimization: A case study of wind speed forecasting

Ren C., An N., Wang J., Li L., Hu B., Shang D.
Knowledge-Based Systems

Optimal planning and site selection for distributed multiproduct biorefineries involving economic, environmental and social objectives

Santiba?ez-Aguilar J.E., Gonz?lez-Campos J.B., Ponce-Ortega J.M., Serna-Gonz?lez M., El-Halwagi M.M.
Journal of Cleaner Production

Optimal taxation of top labor incomes: A tale of three elasticities

Piketty T., Saez E., Stantcheva S.
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Optimal Taxes on Fossil Fuel in General Equilibrium

Golosov M., Hassler J., Krusell P., Tsyvinski A.

Optimizing the production scheduling of a single machine to minimize total energy consumption costs

Shrouf F., Ordieres-Mer? J., Garc?a-S?nchez A., Ortega-Mier M.
Journal of Cleaner Production

Organizational innovation as an enabler of technological innovation capabilities and firm performance

Camis?n C., Villar-L?pez A.
Journal of Business Research

Partial least squares (PLS) structural equation modeling (SEM) for building and testing behavioral causal theory: When to choose it and how to use it

Lowry P.B., Gaskin J.
IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication

Partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM): An emerging tool in business research

Hair Jr. J.F., Sarstedt M., Hopkins L., Kuppelwieser V.G.
European Business Review

Predicting crime using Twitter and kernel density estimation

Gerber M.S.
Decision Support Systems

Progress on information and communication technologies in hospitality and tourism

Law R., Buhalis D., Cobanoglu C.
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Public value governance: Moving beyond traditional public administration and the new public management

Bryson J.M., Crosby B.C., Bloomberg L.
Public Administration Review

Renaissance of case research as a scientific method

Ketokivi M., Choi T.
Journal of Operations Management

Research strategies for organizational history: A dialogue between historical theory and organization theory

Rowlinson M., Hassard J., Decker S.
Academy of Management Review

Resource Management in Clouds: Survey and Research Challenges

Jennings B., Stadler R.
Journal of Network and Systems Management

Resource-based theory in marketing

Kozlenkova I.V., Samaha S.A., Palmatier R.W.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Review of evolution, technology and sustainability assessments of biofuel production

Liew W.H., Hassim M.H., Ng D.K.S.
Journal of Cleaner Production

Review on the application of modified iron oxides as heterogeneous catalysts in Fenton reactions

Rahim Pouran S., Abdul Raman A.A., Wan Daud W.M.A.
Journal of Cleaner Production

Reviewing a Decade of Research on the "Base/Bottom of the Pyramid" (BOP) Concept

Kolk A., Rivera-Santos M., Ruf?n C.
Business and Society

Risk shocks

Christiano L.J., Motto R., Rostagno M.
American Economic Review

Robust Nonparametric Confidence Intervals for Regression-Discontinuity Designs

Calonico S., Cattaneo M.D., Titiunik R.

Sensemaking in Organizations: Taking Stock and Moving Forward

Maitlis S., Christianson M.
Academy of Management Annals

Sentic patterns: Dependency-based rules for concept-level sentiment analysis

Poria S., Cambria E., Winterstein G., Huang G.-B.
Knowledge-Based Systems

Social capital of entrepreneurs and small firm performance: A meta-analysis of contextual and methodological moderators

Stam W., Arzlanian S., Elfring T.
Journal of Business Venturing

Social media technology usage and customer relationship performance: A capabilities-based examination of social CRM

Trainor K.J., Andzulis J., Rapp A., Agnihotri R.
Journal of Business Research

Social networks, personalized advertising, and privacy controls

Tucker C.E.
Journal of Marketing Research

Speculators, commodities and cross-market linkages

B?y?k?ahin B., Robe M.A.
Journal of International Money and Finance

State of art surveys of overviews on MCDM/MADM methods

Zavadskas E.K., Turskis Z., Kildiene S.
Technological and Economic Development of Economy

Sustainability assessment of energy systems: Integrating environmental, economic and social aspects

Santoyo-Castelazo E., Azapagic A.
Journal of Cleaner Production

Sustainability labels on food products: Consumer motivation, understanding and use

Grunert K.G., Hieke S., Wills J.
Food Policy

Sustainability-oriented innovation of SMEs: A systematic review

Klewitz J., Hansen E.G.
Journal of Cleaner Production

Sustainable consumption within a sustainable economy - Beyond green growth and green economies

Lorek S., Spangenberg J.H.
Journal of Cleaner Production

Sustainable supply chain management practices and dynamic capabilities in the food industry: A critical analysis of the literature

Beske P., Land A., Seuring S.
International Journal of Production Economics

Swift guanxi in online marketplaces: The role of computer-mediated communication technologies

Ou C.X., Pavlou P.A., Davison R.M.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

The control parameterization method for nonlinear optimal control: A survey

Lin Q., Loxton R., Teo K.L.
Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization

The dynamics of crowdfunding: An exploratory study

Mollick E.
Journal of Business Venturing

The economic importance of financial literacy: Theory and evidence

Lusardi A., Mitchell O.S.
Journal of Economic Literature

The food waste hierarchy as a framework for the management of food surplus and food waste

Papargyropoulou E., Lozano R., K. Steinberger J., Wright N., Ujang Z.B.
Journal of Cleaner Production

The future of research on entrepreneurial intentions

Fayolle A., Li??n F.
Journal of Business Research

The global decline of the labor share

Karabarbounis L., Neiman B.
Quarterly Journal of Economics

The paths to social licence to operate: An integrative model explaining community acceptance of mining

Moffat K., Zhang A.
Resources Policy

The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Meta-Analytic Review

Bae T.J., Qian S., Miao C., Fiet J.O.
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

The Role of Customer Engagement Behavior in Value Co-Creation: A Service System Perspective

Jaakkola E., Alexander M.
Journal of Service Research

The short-run and long-run effects of behavioral interventions: Experimental evidence from energy conservation

Allcott H., Rogers T.
American Economic Review

The sociomateriality of information systems: Current status, future directions

Cecez-Kecmanovic D., Galliers R.D., Henfridsson O., Newell S., Vidgen R.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

Tracing value-added and double counting in gross exports

Koopman R., Wang Z., Wei S.-J.
American Economic Review

Transactive memory in dynamic organizations

Moreland R.L., Argote L.
Leading and Managing People in the Dynamic Organization

Trust, satisfaction, and online repurchase intention: The moderating role of perceived effectiveness of e-commerce institutional mechanisms

Fang Y., Qureshi I., Sun H., McCole P., Ramsey E., Lim K.H.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

Two-echelon multiple-vehicle location-routing problem with time windows for optimization of sustainable supply chain network of perishable food

Govindan K., Jafarian A., Khodaverdi R., Devika K.
International Journal of Production Economics

U.S. economic prospects: Secular stagnation, hysteresis, and the zero lower bound

Summers L.H.
Business Economics

Using Attributional Life Cycle Assessment to Estimate Climate-Change Mitigation Benefits Misleads Policy Makers

Plevin R.J., Delucchi M.A., Creutzig F.
Journal of Industrial Ecology

What affects green consumer behavior in China? A case study from Qingdao

Zhao H.-H., Gao Q., Wu Y.-P., Wang Y., Zhu X.-D.
Journal of Cleaner Production

What do we learn from the weather? The new climate-economy literature

Dell M., Jones B.F., Olken B.A.
Journal of Economic Literature

What we know and don't know about online word-of-mouth: A review and synthesis of the literature

King R.A., Racherla P., Bush V.D.
Journal of Interactive Marketing

What you should know about megaprojects and why: An overview

Flyvbjerg B.
Project Management Journal

What's different about social media networks? A framework and research agenda

Kane G.C., Alavi M., Labianca G., Borgatti S.P.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

When the Recipe Is More Important Than the Ingredients: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) of Service Innovation Configurations

Ordanini A., Parasuraman A., Rubera G.
Journal of Service Research

Where is the land of opportunity? The geography of intergenerational mobility in the United States

Chetty R., Hendren N., Kline P., Saez E.
Quarterly Journal of Economics

Why do global long-term scenarios for agriculture differ? An overview of the AgMIP global economic model intercomparison

Von Lampe M., Willenbockel D., Ahammad H., Blanc E., Cai Y., Calvin K., Fujimori S., Hasegawa T., Havlik P., Heyhoe E., Kyle P., Lotze-Campen H., Mason d'Croz D., Nelson G.C., Sands R.D., Schmitz C.,
Agricultural Economics (United Kingdom)

Why local people do not support conservation: Community perceptions of marine protected area livelihood impacts, governance and management in Thailand

Bennett N.J., Dearden P.
Marine Policy

Why research in sustainable supply chain management should have no future

Pagell M., Shevchenko A.
Journal of Supply Chain Management

You are what you can access: Sharing and collaborative consumption online

Belk R.
Journal of Business Research