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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2016

Citations of Excellence winners

"Do We Believe in TripAdvisor?" Examining Credibility Perceptions and Online Travelers' Attitude toward Using User-Generated Content

Ayeh J.K., Au N., Law R.
Journal of Travel Research

A hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm for the job shop scheduling problem

Zhang R., Song S., Wu C.
International Journal of Production Economics

A hybrid PSO algorithm for a multi-objective assembly line balancing problem with flexible operation times, sequence-dependent setup times and learning effect

Hamta N., Fatemi Ghomi S.M.T., Jolai F., Akbarpour Shirazi M.
International Journal of Production Economics

A multilevel model of team goal orientation, information exchange, and creativity

Gong Y., Kim T.-Y., Lee D.-R., Zhu J.
Academy of Management Journal

A multiple ant colony optimization algorithm for the capacitated location routing problem

Ting C.-J., Chen C.-H.
International Journal of Production Economics

A New Theory for Public Service Management? Toward a (Public) Service-Dominant Approach

Osborne S.P., Radnor Z., Nasi G.
American Review of Public Administration

A review of abusive supervision research

Martinko M.J., Harvey P., Brees J.R., Mackey J.
Journal of Organizational Behavior

A review of scenario planning

Amer M., Daim T.U., Jetter A.

A review of tourism and climate change as an evolving knowledge domain

Becken S.
Tourism Management Perspectives

A strategic management framework of tangible and intangible assets

Greco M., Cricelli L., Grimaldi M.
European Management Journal

A Systematic Literature Review of Servant Leadership Theory in Organizational Contexts

Parris D.L., Peachey J.W.
Journal of Business Ethics

A Three-Stage Adoption Process for Social Media Use in Government

Mergel I., Bretschneider S.I.
Public Administration Review

Advancing Multilevel Research Design: Capturing the Dynamics of Emergence

Kozlowski S.W.J., Chao G.T., Grand J.A., Braun M.T., Kuljanin G.
Organizational Research Methods

Best-Practice Recommendations for Defining, Identifying, and Handling Outliers

Aguinis H., Gottfredson R.K., Joo H.
Organizational Research Methods

Best-Practice Recommendations for Estimating Cross-Level Interaction Effects Using Multilevel Modeling

Aguinis H., Gottfredson R.K., Culpepper S.A.
Journal of Management

Beyond "Does it Pay to be Green?" A Meta-Analysis of Moderators of the CEP-CFP Relationship

Dixon-Fowler H.R., Slater D.J., Johnson J.L., Ellstrand A.E., Romi A.M.
Journal of Business Ethics

Beyond deterrence: An expanded view of employee computer abuse

Willison R., Warkentin M.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

Board Composition Beyond Independence: Social Capital, Human Capital, and Demographics

Johnson S.G., Schnatterly K., Hill A.D.
Journal of Management

Boundaries of Social Capital in Entrepreneurship

Light I., Dana L.-P.
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Brand communities embedded in social networks

Zaglia M.E.
Journal of Business Research

Brand orientation and market orientation - From alternatives to synergy

Urde M., Baumgarth C., Merrilees B.
Journal of Business Research

Bridging the qualitative-quantitative divide: Guidelines for conducting mixed methods research in information systems

Venkatesh V., Brown S.A., Bala H.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

Business intelligence success: The roles of BI capabilities and decision environments

I?ik ?., Jones M.C., Sidorova A.
Information and Management

Category stretching: Reorienting research on categories in strategy, entrepreneurship, and organization theory

Durand R., Paolella L.
Journal of Management Studies

Change Readiness: A Multilevel Review

Rafferty A.E., Jimmieson N.L., Armenakis A.A.
Journal of Management

Chinese Guanxi: An integrative review and new directions for future research

Chen C.C., Chen X.-P., Huang S.
Management and Organization Review

Closed-Loop Supply Chains: A Critical Review, and Future Research*

Souza G.C.
Decision Sciences

Consumer engagement in a virtual brand community: An exploratory analysis

Brodie R.J., Ilic A., Juric B., Hollebeek L.
Journal of Business Research

Contemporary medical tourism: Conceptualisation, culture and commodification

Connell J.
Tourism Management

Corporate Political Activity: A Literature Review and Research Agenda

Lawton T., Mcguire S., Rajwani T.
International Journal of Management Reviews

Corporate social responsibility and stakeholder value maximization: Evidence from mergers

Deng X., Kang J.-K., Low B.S.
Journal of Financial Economics

Creating good public policy to support high-growth firms

Mason C., Brown R.
Small Business Economics

Critical service logic: Making sense of value creation and co-creation

Gr?nroos C., Voima P.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Customer value co-creation behavior: Scale development and validation

Yi Y., Gong T.
Journal of Business Research

Data science, predictive analytics, and big data: A revolution that will transform supply chain design and management

Waller M.A., Fawcett S.E.
Journal of Business Logistics

Decomposing the value of word-of-mouth seeding programs: Acceleration versus expansion

Libai B., Muller E., Peres R.
Journal of Marketing Research

Decomposition procedures for distributional analysis: A unified framework based on the Shapley value

Shorrocks A.F.
Journal of Economic Inequality

Designing Index-Based Livestock Insurance for Managing Asset Risk in Northern Kenya

Chantarat S., Mude A.G., Barrett C.B., Carter M.R.
Journal of Risk and Insurance

Development and Testing of an Abbreviated Numeracy Scale: A Rasch Analysis Approach

Weller J.A., Dieckmann N.F., Tusler M., Mertz C.K., Burns W.J., Peters E.
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

Do Family Firms Have Better Reputations Than Non-Family Firms? An Integration of Socioemotional Wealth and Social Identity Theories

Deephouse D.L., Jaskiewicz P.
Journal of Management Studies

Dynamic managerial capabilities: Configuration and orchestration of top executives' capabilities and the firm's dominant logic

Kor Y.Y., Mesko A.
Strategic Management Journal

Emerging Multinationals from Mid-Range Economies: The Influence of Institutions and Factor Markets

Hoskisson R.E., Wright M., Filatotchev I., Peng M.W.
Journal of Management Studies

Empirical research on entrepreneurial orientation: An assessment and suggestions for future research

Wales W.J., Gupta V.K., Mousa F.-T.
International Small Business Journal

Employee Justice Across Cultures: A Meta-Analytic Review

Shao R., Rupp D.E., Skarlicki D.P., Jones K.S.
Journal of Management

Enabling service innovation: A dynamic capabilities approach

Kindstr?m D., Kowalkowski C., Sandberg E.
Journal of Business Research

Ensuring supply chain resilience: Development and implementation of an assessment tool

Pettit T.J., Croxton K.L., Fiksel J.
Journal of Business Logistics

Estimating dynamic panel models in corporate finance

Flannery M.J., Hankins K.W.
Journal of Corporate Finance

European Demoicracy and Its Crisis

Nicola?dis K.
Journal of Common Market Studies

Euroscepticism and the Global Financial Crisis

Serricchio F., Tsakatika M., Quaglia L.
Journal of Common Market Studies

Examining the formation of human capital in entrepreneurship: A meta-analysis of entrepreneurship education outcomes

Martin B.C., McNally J.J., Kay M.J.
Journal of Business Venturing

Exploring country-level institutional arrangements on the rate and type of entrepreneurial activity

Stenholm P., Acs Z.J., Wuebker R.
Journal of Business Venturing

Flow and stock effects of large-scale treasury purchases: Evidence on the importance of local supply

D'Amico S., King T.B.
Journal of Financial Economics

From e-commerce to social commerce: A close look at design features

Huang Z., Benyoucef M.
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications

Frustrated fatshionistas: An institutional theory perspective on consumer quests for greater choice in mainstream markets

Scaraboto D., Fischer E.
Journal of Consumer Research

Gender and corporate finance: Are male executives overconfident relative to female executives?

Huang J., Kisgen D.J.
Journal of Financial Economics

Generalizing the core design principles for the efficacy of groups

Wilson D.S., Ostrom E., Cox M.E.
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Generation Y travelers' commitment to online social network websites

Nusair K.A., Bilgihan A., Okumus F., Cobanoglu C.
Tourism Management

Goal setting in family firms: Goal diversity, social interactions, and collective commitment to family-centered goals

Kotlar J., De Massis A.
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Gravity redux: Measuring international trade costs with panel data

Novy D.
Economic Inquiry

Green Human Resource Management: A Review and Research Agenda*

Renwick D.W., Redman T., Maguire S.
International Journal of Management Reviews

Greening organizations through leaders' influence on employees' pro-environmental behaviors

Robertson J.L., Barling J.
Journal of Organizational Behavior

Greenwash and Green Trust: The Mediation Effects of Green Consumer Confusion and Green Perceived Risk

Chen Y.-S., Chang C.-H.
Journal of Business Ethics

Has Management Studies Lost Its Way? Ideas for More Imaginative and Innovative Research

Alvesson M., Sandberg J.
Journal of Management Studies

Home-region orientation in international expansion strategies

Banalieva E.R., Dhanaraj C.
Journal of International Business Studies

How bad are the effects of bad leaders? A meta-analysis of destructive leadership and its outcomes

Schyns B., Schilling J.
Leadership Quarterly

How does capital affect bank performance during financial crises?

Berger A.N., Bouwman C.H.S.
Journal of Financial Economics

How Useful Are the Strategic Tools We Teach in Business Schools?

Wright R.P., Paroutis S.E., Blettner D.P.
Journal of Management Studies

Hybrid flow shop scheduling considering machine electricity consumption cost

Luo H., Du B., Huang G.Q., Chen H., Li X.
International Journal of Production Economics

Influence analysis of community resident support for sustainable tourism development

Lee T.H.
Tourism Management

Intellectual capital research: A critical examination of the third stage

Dumay J., Garanina T.
Journal of Intellectual Capital

Intended and Unintended Consequences of Mandatory IFRS Adoption: A Review of Extant Evidence and Suggestions for Future Research

Br?ggemann U., Hitz J.-M., Sellhorn T.
European Accounting Review

Investigating the influence of tourism on economic growth and carbon emissions: Evidence from panel analysis of the European Union

Lee J.W., Brahmasrene T.
Tourism Management

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: Towards a Research Agenda on Management System Standards

Heras-Saizarbitoria I., Boiral O.
International Journal of Management Reviews

It takes two to tango? Understanding the co-production of public services by integrating the services management and public administration perspectives

Osborne S.P., Strokosch K.
British Journal of Management

Judging borrowers by the company they keep: Friendship networks and information asymmetry in online peer-to-peer lending

Lin M., Prabhala N.R., Viswanathan S.
Management Science

Lean: A failed theory for public services?

Radnor Z., Osborne S.P.
Public Management Review

Leveraging the capabilities of service-oriented decision support systems: Putting analytics and big data in cloud

Demirkan H., Delen D.
Decision Support Systems

Linking Theory and Context: 'Strategy Research in Emerging Economies' after Wright etal. (2005)

Xu D., Meyer K.E.
Journal of Management Studies

Managerial attitudes and corporate actions

Graham J.R., Harvey C.R., Puri M.
Journal of Financial Economics

Managing brands in the social media environment

Gensler S., V?lckner F., Liu-Thompkins Y., Wiertz C.
Journal of Interactive Marketing

Managing Legitimacy in Complex and Heterogeneous Environments: Sustainable Development in a Globalized World

Scherer A.G., Palazzo G., Seidl D.
Journal of Management Studies

Mandatory IFRS reporting and changes in enforcement

Christensen H.B., Hail L., Leuz C.
Journal of Accounting and Economics

Material artifacts: Practices for doing strategy with 'stuff'

Jarzabkowski P., Paul Spee A., Smets M.
European Management Journal

Mechanisms for managing ambidexterity: A review and research agenda

Turner N., Swart J., Maylor H.
International Journal of Management Reviews

Meta-Analytic Review of Employee Turnover as a Predictor of Firm Performance

Hancock J.I., Allen D.G., Bosco F.A., McDaniel K.R., Pierce C.A.
Journal of Management

More than words: The influence of affective content and linguistic style matches in online reviews on conversion rates

Ludwig S., De Ruyter K., Friedman M., Br?ggen E.C., Wetzels M., Pfann G.
Journal of Marketing

Motivation and Involvement as Antecedents of the Perceived Value of the Destination Experience

Prebensen N.K., Woo E., Chen J.S., Uysal M.
Journal of Travel Research

My city - my brand: The different roles of residents in place branding

Braun E., Kavaratzis M., Zenker S.
Journal of Place Management and Development

Navigating paradox as a mechanism of change and innovation in hybrid organizations

Jay J.
Academy of Management Journal

Online travel reviews as persuasive communication: The effects of content type, source, and certification logos on consumer behavior

Sparks B.A., Perkins H.E., Buckley R.
Tourism Management

Predicting the intention to use consumer-generated media for travel planning

Ayeh J.K., Au N., Law R.
Tourism Management

Professions and institutional change: Towards an institutionalist sociology of the professions

Muzio D., Brock D.M., Suddaby R.
Journal of Management Studies

Rating agencies in the face of regulation

Opp C.C., Opp M.M., Harris M.
Journal of Financial Economics

Ratings quality over the business cycle

Bar-Isaac H., Shapiro J.
Journal of Financial Economics

Re-theorizing change: Institutional experimentation and the struggle for domination in the field of public accounting

Malsch B., Gendron Y.
Journal of Management Studies

Relationship velocity: Toward a theory of relationship dynamics

Palmatier R.W., Houston M.B., Dant R.P., Grewal D.
Journal of Marketing

Research on entrepreneurship in the informal economy: Framing a research agenda

Webb J.W., Bruton G.D., Tihanyi L., Ireland R.D.
Journal of Business Venturing

Running for the exit? International bank lending during a financial crisis

De Haas R., Van Horen N.
Review of Financial Studies

Saving the Euro at the Cost of Democracy?

Crum B.
Journal of Common Market Studies

Securitization without risk transfer

Acharya V.V., Schnabl P., Suarez G.
Journal of Financial Economics

Seeking Qualitative Rigor in Inductive Research: Notes on the Gioia Methodology

Gioia D.A., Corley K.G., Hamilton A.L.
Organizational Research Methods

Self-serving altruism? The lure of unethical actions that benefit others

Gino F., Ayal S., Ariely D.
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Shackling short sellers: The 2008 shorting ban

Boehmer E., Jones C.M., Zhang X.
Review of Financial Studies

Short selling and the price discovery process

Boehmer E., Wu J.J.
Review of Financial Studies

Social Capital and Entrepreneurship: A Schema and Research Agenda

Gedajlovic E., Honig B., Moore C.B., Payne G.T., Wright M.
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Social media as a destination marketing tool: Its use by national tourism organisations

Hays S., Page S.J., Buhalis D.
Current Issues in Tourism

Social Media in Tourism and Hospitality: A Literature Review

Leung D., Law R., van Hoof H., Buhalis D.
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing

Social media metrics - A framework and guidelines for managing social media

Peters K., Chen Y., Kaplan A.M., Ognibeni B., Pauwels K.
Journal of Interactive Marketing

Spotlights,floodlights,andthe magic number zero: Simple effects tests in moderated regression

Spiller S.A., Fitzsimons G.J., Lynch Jr. J.G., McClelland G.H.
Journal of Marketing Research

Subjective organizational performance and measurement error: Common source bias and spurious relationships

Meier K.J., O'toole Jr. L.J.
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

Sustainability reports as simulacra? A counter-account of A and A+ GRI reports

Boiral O.
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Synthesizing and Extending Resource Dependence Theory: A Meta-Analysis

Drees J.M., Heugens P.P.M.
Journal of Management

Talent or Not? Employee Reactions to Talent Identification

Bj?rkman I., Ehrnrooth M., M?kel? K., Smale A., Sumelius J.
Human Resource Management

Technology designed to combat fakes in the global supply chain

Li L.
Business Horizons

The affective response model: A theoretical framework of affective concepts and their relationships in the ICT context

Zhang P.
MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

The Case for Demoicracy in the European Union*

Cheneval F., Schimmelfennig F.
Journal of Common Market Studies

The dynamics of place brands: An identity-based approach to place branding theory

Kavaratzis M., Hatch M.J.
Marketing Theory

The elephant in the room of dynamic capabilities: Bringing two diverging conversations together

Peteraf M., Di Stefano G., Verona G.
Strategic Management Journal

The gamification of advertising: Analysis and research directions of in-game advertising, advergames, and advertising in social network games

Terlutter R., Capella M.L.
Journal of Advertising

The Impact of High-Performance Human Resource Practices on Employees' Attitudes and Behaviors

Kehoe R.R., Wright P.M.
Journal of Management

The influence of firm age and intangible resources on the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and firm growth among Japanese SMEs

Anderson B.S., Eshima Y.
Journal of Business Venturing

The Interrelationships Among Informal Institutions, Formal Institutions, and Inward Foreign Direct Investment

Holmes Jr. R.M., Miller T., Hitt M.A., Salmador M.P.
Journal of Management

The link between perceived human resource management practices, engagement and employee behaviour: A moderated mediation model

Alfes K., Shantz A.D., Truss C., Soane E.C.
International Journal of Human Resource Management

The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in the Task Environment-Performance Relationship: A Meta-Analysis

Rosenbusch N., Rauch A., Bausch A.
Journal of Management

The mystery of zero-leverage firms

Strebulaev I.A., Yang B.
Journal of Financial Economics

The other side of value: The gross profitability premium

Novy-Marx R.
Journal of Financial Economics

The project benefits of building information modelling (BIM)

Bryde D., Broquetas M., Volm J.M.
International Journal of Project Management

The psychology of talent management: A review and research agenda

Dries N.
Human Resource Management Review

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from freight transport by pooling supply chains

Pan S., Ballot E., Fontane F.
International Journal of Production Economics

The role of consumer-brand identification in building brand relationships

Tu?kej U., Golob U., Podnar K.
Journal of Business Research

The Too-Much-of-a-Good-Thing Effect in Management

Pierce J.R., Aguinis H.
Journal of Management

Theoretical foundations for the study of sociomateriality

Leonardi P.M.
Information and Organization

Tourism, climate change and adaptation: A review

Kaj?n E., Saarinen J.
Current Issues in Tourism

Transformational leadership, job satisfaction, and team performance: A multilevel mediation model of trust

Braun S., Peus C., Weisweiler S., Frey D.
Leadership Quarterly

Transformative service research: An agenda for the future

Anderson L., Ostrom A.L., Corus C., Fisk R.P., Gallan A.S., Giraldo M., Mende M., Mulder M., Rayburn S.W., Rosenbaum M.S., Shirahada K., Williams J.D.
Journal of Business Research

Translating Team Creativity to Innovation Implementation: The Role of Team Composition and Climate for Innovation

Somech A., Drach-Zahavy A.
Journal of Management

Uncovering the hidden costs of offshoring: The interplay of complexity, organizational design, and experience

Larsen M.M., Manning S., Pedersen T.
Strategic Management Journal

Understanding Generation Y and their use of social media: A review and research agenda

Bolton R.N., Parasuraman A., Hoefnagels A., Migchels N., Kabadayi S., Gruber T., Loureiro Y.K., Solnet D.
Journal of Service Management

Understanding social media effects across seller, retailer, and consumer interactions

Rapp A., Beitelspacher L.S., Grewal D., Hughes D.E.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Value creation processes and value outcomes in marketing theory: Strangers or siblings?

Gummerus J.
Marketing Theory

Volunteer tourism: A review

Wearing S., McGehee N.G.
Tourism Management

W(h)ither Ecology? The Triple Bottom Line, the Global Reporting Initiative, and Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Milne M.J., Gray R.
Journal of Business Ethics

What is the meaning of 'talent' in the world of work?

Gallardo-Gallardo E., Dries N., Gonz?lez-Cruz T.F.
Human Resource Management Review

When differences unite: Resource dependence in heterogeneous consumption communities

Thomas T.C., Price L.L., Schau H.J.
Journal of Consumer Research

When do (and don't) normative appeals influence sustainable consumer behaviors

White K., Simpson B.
Journal of Marketing

Which institutions encourage entrepreneurial growth aspirations?

Estrin S., Korosteleva J., Mickiewicz T.
Journal of Business Venturing

Whose and what chatter matters? the effect of tweets on movie sales

Rui H., Liu Y., Whinston A.
Decision Support Systems

Why do family firms strive for nonfinancial goals? An organizational identity perspective

Zellweger T.M., Nason R.S., Nordqvist M., Brush C.G.
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Why people keep coming back to Facebook: Explaining and predicting continuance participation from an extended theory of planned behaviour perspective

Al-Debei M.M., Al-Lozi E., Papazafeiropoulou A.
Decision Support Systems

Work Stress and Employee Health: A Multidisciplinary Review

Ganster D.C., Rosen C.C.
Journal of Management