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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2015

Citations of Excellence winners

A comparative ownership advantage framework for cross-border M&As: The rise of Chinese and Indian MNEs

Sun S.L., Peng M.W., Ren B., Yan D.
Journal of World Business

A General Framework for Gauging the Performance of Initiatives to Enhance Organizational Value

Zwikael O., Smyrk J.
British Journal of Management

A multiple adaptive wavelet recurrent neural network model to analyze crude oil prices

Mingming T., Jinliang Z.
Journal of Economics and Business

A new N-factor affine term structure model of futures price for CO 2 emissions allowances: Empirical evidence from the EU ETS

Chang K., Wang S.-S., Huang J.-M.
WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics

A unified perspective on the factors influencing usage intention toward mobile financial services

Lee Y.-K., Park J.-H., Chung N., Blakeney A.
Journal of Business Research

Accounting's past, present and future: The unifying power of history

Carnegie G.D., Napier C.J.
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Achieving demand-side synergy from strategic diversification: How combining mundane assets can leverage consumer utilities

Ye G., Priem R.L., Alshwer A.A.
Organization Science

Agency Problems and Reputation in Expert Services: Evidence from Auto Repair

Schneider H.S.
Journal of Industrial Economics

An assessment of the use of partial least squares structural equation modeling in marketing research

Hair J.F., Sarstedt M., Ringle C.M., Mena J.A.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

An economic production lot-size (EPLS) model with rework and flexibility under allowable shortages

Singh N., Vaish B., Singh S.R.
International Journal of Procurement Management

An integrated view of knowledge management for performance

Lee S., Kim B.G., Kim H.
Journal of Knowledge Management

An international comparison of capital structure and debt maturity choices

Fan J.P.H., Titman S., Twite G.
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

An opportunity-based view of rapid internationalization

Chandra Y., Styles C., Wilkinson I.F.
Journal of International Marketing

Applicability of financial theories of capital structure to the Chinese cultural context: A study of privately owned SMEs

Newman A., Gunessee S., Hilton B.
International Small Business Journal

Are IFRS-based and US GAAP-based accounting amounts comparable?

Barth M.E., Landsman W.R., Lang M., Williams C.
Journal of Accounting and Economics

Assessing TARP

Bayazitova D., Shivdasani A.
Review of Financial Studies

At What Level (and in Whom) We Trust: Trust Across Multiple Organizational Levels

Ashley Fulmer C., Gelfand M.J.
Journal of Management

Beyond process monitoring: A proof-of-concept of event-driven business activity management

Janiesch C., Matzner M., Muller O.
Business Process Management Journal

Born global firms: The differences between their short- and long-term performance drivers

Efrat K., Shoham A.
Journal of World Business

Brand love

Batra R., Ahuvia A., Bagozzi R.P.
Journal of Marketing

China's outward foreign direct investment: Location choice and firm ownership

Ramasamy B., Yeung M., Laforet S.
Journal of World Business

Chinese context and theoretical contributions to management and organization research: A three-decade review

Jia L., You S., Du Y.
Management and Organization Review

Clarifying the Effect of Intellectual Capital on Performance: The Mediating Role of Dynamic Capability

Hsu L.-C., Wang C.-H.
British Journal of Management

Cognitive team diversity and individual team member creativity: A cross-level interaction

Shin S.J., Kim T.-Y., Lee J.-Y., Bian L.
Academy of Management Journal

Conflicts at the bottom of the pyramid: Profitability, poverty alleviation, and neoliberal governmentality

Varman R., Skalen P., Belk R.W.
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing

Controlling shareholder, expropriations and firm's leverage decision: Evidence from Chinese Non-tradable share reform

Liu Q., Tian G.
Journal of Corporate Finance

Coping with workplace ostracism: The roles of ingratiation and political skill in employee psychological distress

Wu L.-Z., Yim F.H.-K., Kwan H.K., Zhang X.
Journal of Management Studies

Corporate governance in the 2007-2008 financial crisis: Evidence from financial institutions worldwide

Erkens D.H., Hung M., Matos P.
Journal of Corporate Finance

Corporate identity, corporate branding and corporate reputations: Reconciliation and integration

Abratt R., Kleyn N.
European Journal of Marketing

Cultural values reflected in corporate pages on popular social network sites in China and the United States

Tsai W.-H., Men L.R.
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing

Customer engagement: Exploring customer relationships beyond purchase

Vivek S.D., Beatty S.E., Morgan R.M.
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice

Customer-focused and service-focused orientation in organizational structures

Gebauer H., Kowalkowski C.
Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing

Dealing with institutional distances in international marketing channels: Governance strategies that engender legitimacy and efficiency

Yang Z., Su C., Fam K.-S.
Journal of Marketing

Determinants and effects of research partnerships in China's emerging market

Zhou W.
Contemporary Economic Policy

Determinants of Consumer Perceptions toward Mobile Advertising - A Comparison between Japan and Austria

Liu C.L.T., Sinkovics R.R., Pezderka N., Haghirian P.
Journal of Interactive Marketing

Developing a corporate knowledge management strategy

Oluikpe P.
Journal of Knowledge Management

Do social media marketing activities enhance customer equity? An empirical study of luxury fashion brand

Kim A.J., Ko E.
Journal of Business Research

Does female representation in top management improve firm performance? A panel data investigation

Dezso C.L., Ross D.G.
Strategic Management Journal

Does it pay to be really good? addressing the shape of the relationship between social and financial performance

Barnett M.L., Salomon R.M.
Strategic Management Journal

Drivers of consumer-brand identification

Stokburger-Sauer N., Ratneshwar S., Sen S.
International Journal of Research in Marketing

Drivers of innovation ambidexterity in small- to medium-sized firms

Chang Y.-Y., Hughes M.
European Management Journal

Dynamics of Performing and Remembering Organizational Routines

Miller K.D., Pentland B.T., Choi S.
Journal of Management Studies

Econometric measures of connectedness and systemic risk in the finance and insurance sectors

Billio M., Getmansky M., Lo A.W., Pelizzon L.
Journal of Financial Economics

Ecosystem advantage: How to successfully harness the power of partners

Williamson P.J., De Meyer A.
California Management Review

Effective leadership behavior: What we know and what questions need more attention

Yukl G.
Academy of Management Perspectives

Entry into platform-based markets

Zhu F., Iansiti M.
Strategic Management Journal

Evaluating competing theories of informal entrepreneurship: Some lessons from Ukraine

Williams C.C., Nadin S., Rodgers P.
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research

Executive overconfidence and the slippery slope to financial misreporting

Schrand C.M., Zechman S.L.C.
Journal of Accounting and Economics

Explicit and Implicit Subject Bias in the ABS Journal Quality Guide

Hoepner A.G.F., Unerman J.
Accounting Education

Firm innovativeness and its performance outcomes: A meta-analytic review and theoretical integration

Rubera G., Kirca A.H.
Journal of Marketing

From hotel career management to employees' career satisfaction: The mediating effect of career competency

Kong H., Cheung C., Song H.
International Journal of Hospitality Management

Globalizing the boardroom-The effects of foreign directors on corporate governance and firm performance

Masulis R.W., Wang C., Xie F.
Journal of Accounting and Economics

Guanxi and organizational performance: A meta-analysis

Luo Y., Huang Y., Wang S.L.
Management and Organization Review

Guidelines for choosing between multi-item and single-item scales for construct measurement: A predictive validity perspective

Diamantopoulos A., Sarstedt M., Fuchs C., Wilczynski P., Kaiser S.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Heterogeneity in business groups and the corporate diversification-firm performance relationship

George R., Kabir R.
Journal of Business Research

How do brand communities generate brand relationships? Intermediate mechanisms

Zhou Z., Zhang Q., Su C., Zhou N.
Journal of Business Research

How leader-member exchange, work engagement and HRM consistency explain Chinese luxury hotel employees' job performance

Li X., Sanders K., Frenkel S.
International Journal of Hospitality Management

IFRS reporting, firm-specific information flows, and institutional environments: International evidence

Kim J.-B., Shi H.
Review of Accounting Studies

Influencing climate change policy: The effect of shareholder pressure and firm environmental performance

Clark C.E., Crawford E.P.
Business and Society

Innovation for Inclusive Business: Intrapreneurial Bricolage in Multinational Corporations

Halme M., Lindeman S., Linna P.
Journal of Management Studies

Innovation for Inclusive Growth: Towards a Theoretical Framework and a Research Agenda

George G., Mcgahan A.M., Prabhu J.
Journal of Management Studies

Institution-based barriers to innovation in SMEs in China

Zhu Y., Wittmann X., Peng M.W.
Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Institutional investor influence on global climate change disclosure practices

Cotter J., Najah M.M.
Australian Journal of Management

Integrating emotions into the analysis of institutional work

Voronov M., Vince R.
Academy of Management Review

Intellectual capital and financial performance of Indian banks

Mondal A., Ghosh S.K.
Journal of Intellectual Capital

Inter-organizational relationships and strategy quality in green supply chains - Moderated by opportunistic behavior and dysfunctional conflict

Cheng J.-H., Sheu J.-B.
Industrial Marketing Management

International Activities of Emerging Market Firms: A Critical Assessment of Research in Top International Management Journals

Jormanainen I., Koveshnikov A.
Management International Review

Interpreting the interpretive structural model

Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management

Islamic marketing: Insights from a critical perspective

Jafari A.
Journal of Islamic Marketing

Lean production supply chain management as driver towards enhancing product quality and business performance: Case study of manufacturing companies in Malaysia

Agus A., Hajinoor M.S.
International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management

Macroeconomic conditions and capital raising

Erel I., Julio B., Kim W., Weisbach M.S.
Review of Financial Studies

Management innovation and leadership: The moderating role of organizational size

Vaccaro I.G., Jansen J.J.P., van den Bosch F.A.J., Volberda H.W.
Journal of Management Studies

Marketing eco-fashion: The influence of brand name and message explicitness

Yan R.-N., Hyllegard K.H., Blaesi L.F.
Journal of Marketing Communications

Meta-organization design: Rethinking design in interorganizational and community contexts

Gulati R., Puranam P., Tushman M.
Strategic Management Journal

Modeling customer satisfaction and loyalty: Survey data versus data mining

Baumann C., Elliott G., Burton S.
Journal of Services Marketing

Motivation and adjustment of self-initiated expatriates: the case of expatriate academics in South Korea

Froese F.J.
International Journal of Human Resource Management

Neglected risks, financial innovation, and financial fragility

Gennaioli N., Shleifer A., Vishny R.
Journal of Financial Economics

Oil prices and stock markets in gcc countries: Empirical evidence from panel analysis

Arouri M.E.H., Rault C.
International Journal of Finance and Economics

On the power and poverty of critical (self) reflection in critical management studies: A comment on ford, harding and learmonth

Tatli A.
British Journal of Management

Organizational commitment in Chinese small- and medium-sized enterprises: The role of extrinsic, intrinsic and social rewards

Newman A., Sheikh A.Z.
International Journal of Human Resource Management

Organizing for innovation in the digitized world

Yoo Y., Boland R.J., Lyytinen K., Majchrzak A.
Organization Science

Outward internationalization of private enterprises in China: The effect of competitive advantages and disadvantages compared to home market rivals

Liang X., Lu X., Wang L.
Journal of World Business

Ownership and the Value of Political Connections: Evidence from China

Wu W., Wu C., Rui O.M.
European Financial Management

PCAOB inspections and large accounting firms

Church B.K., Shefchik L.B.
Accounting Horizons

Perceived interactional justice and trust-in-supervisor as mediators for paternalistic leadership

Wu M., Huang X., Li C., Liu W.
Management and Organization Review

Performance measurement and management systems: State of the art, guidelines for design and challenges

Taticchi P., Balachandran K., Tonelli F.
Measuring Business Excellence

Political connections and the cost of equity capital

Boubakri N., Guedhami O., Mishra D., Saffar W.
Journal of Corporate Finance

Political connections, tax benefits and firm performance: Evidence from China

Wu W., Wu C., Zhou C., Wu J.
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy

Prison gangs, norms, and organizations

Skarbek D.
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Projected Images of Major Chinese Outbound Destinations

Hsu C.H.C., Song H.
Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research

Prozac leadership and the limits of positive thinking

Collinson D.

Psychological antecedents of promotive and prohibitive Voice: A two-wave examination

Liang J., Farh C.I.C., Farh J.-L.
Academy of Management Journal

Public infrastructure provision and skilled-unskilled wage inequality in developing countries

Pi J., Zhou Y.
Labour Economics

Reconceptualizing workplace commitment to redress a stretched construct: Revisiting assumptions and removing confounds

Klein H.J., Molloy J.C., Brinsfield C.T.
Academy of Management Review

Reflections and projections: A decade of Intellectual Capital Accounting Research

Guthrie J., Ricceri F., Dumay J.
British Accounting Review

Reflections on the 2010 AMR decade award: Delivering on the promise of entrepreneurship as a field of research

Shane S.
Academy of Management Review

Reflections on the 2010 AMR decade award: Whither the promise? moving forward with entrepreneurship as a science of the artificial

Venkataraman S., Sarasvathy S.D., Dew N., Forster W.R.
Academy of Management Review

Religious Social Norms and Corporate Financial Reporting

Dyreng S.D., Mayew W.J., Williams C.D.
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting

Securitized banking and the run on repo

Gorton G., Metrick A.
Journal of Financial Economics

Self-congruity, brand attitude, and brand loyalty: A study on luxury brands

Liu F., Li J., Mizerski D., Soh H.
European Journal of Marketing

Service infusion as agile incrementalism in action

Kowalkowski C., Kindstrom D., Alejandro T.B., Brege S., Biggemann S.
Journal of Business Research

Serving as an Educator: A Southern Case in Embedded Librarianship

Li J.
Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship

Social identity perspective on brand loyalty

He H., Li Y., Harris L.
Journal of Business Research

Social Media Peer Communication and Impacts on Purchase Intentions: A Consumer Socialization Framework

Wang X., Yu C., Wei Y.
Journal of Interactive Marketing

Social Network Research in Organizational Contexts: A Systematic Review of Methodological Issues and Choices

Carpenter M.A., Li M., Jiang H.
Journal of Management

Solo and Distributed Leadership: Definitions and Dilemmas

Crawford M.
Educational Management Administration and Leadership

Some proposals for impactful management control research

Seal W.
Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management

Some reasonable but uncomfortable questions about social marketing

Spotswood F., French J., Tapp A., Stead M.
Journal of Social Marketing

Specification, evaluation, and interpretation of structural equation models

Bagozzi R.P., Yi Y.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Strong Evidence for Gender Differences in Risk Taking

Charness G., Gneezy U.
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Studying processes in and around networks

Bizzi L., Langley A.
Industrial Marketing Management

Supersize It: The Growth of Retail Chains and the Rise of the "Big-Box" Store

Basker E., Klimek S., Hoang Van P.
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy

Supply chain resilience: Definition of concept and its formative elements

Ponis S.T., Koronis E.
Journal of Applied Business Research

Ten Years of IFRS: Practitioners' Comments and Suggestions for Research

Brown P., Tarca A.
Australian Accounting Review

The Contextual Antecedents of Organizational Trust: A Multidimensional Cross-level Analysis

Li P.P., Bai Y., Xi Y.
Management and Organization Review

The Dynamics and Dilemma of Workplace Trade Union Reform in China: The Case of the Honda Workers' Strike

Chan C.K.-C., Hui E.S.-I.
Journal of Industrial Relations

The effect of audit committee characteristics on intellectual capital disclosure

Li J., Mangena M., Pike R.
British Accounting Review

The effect of electronic word of mouth on brand image and purchase intention: An empirical study in the automobile industry in Iran

Jalilvand M.R., Samiei N.
Marketing Intelligence and Planning

The influence of market orientation on new product success

Wong S.K.S., Tong C.
European Journal of Innovation Management

The liability of foreignness reconsidered: New insights from the alternative research context of transforming economies

Yildiz H.E., Fey C.F.
International Business Review

The linkage between HRM, CSR and performance outcomes

Buciuniene I., Kazlauskaite R.
Baltic Journal of Management

The price impact of foreign institutional herding on large-size stocks in the Taiwan stock market

Lu Y.-C., Fang H., Nieh C.-C.
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting

The structure of chinese cultural traditions: An empirical study of business employees in China

Pan Y., Rowney J.A., Peterson M.F.
Management and Organization Review

The young adult cohort in emerging markets: Assessing their glocal cultural identity in a global marketplace

Strizhakova Y., Coulter R.A., Price L.L.
International Journal of Research in Marketing

Toward an integrative framework of indigenous research: The geocentric implications of Yin-Yang Balance

Li P.P.
Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Towards Systematic Business Model Innovation: Lessons from Product Innovation Management

Bucherer E., Eisert U., Gassmann O.
Creativity and Innovation Management

Trends in the transitory variance of male earnings methods and evidence

Moffitt R.A., Gottschalk P.
Journal of Human Resources

Understanding customer-specific factors underpinning internet banking adoption

Yousafzai S., Yani-de-Soriano M.
International Journal of Bank Marketing

Understanding luxury consumption in China: Consumer perceptions of best-known brands

Zhan L., He Y.
Journal of Business Research

Value co-creation in knowledge intensive business services: A dyadic perspective on the joint problem solving process

Aarikka-Stenroos L., Jaakkola E.
Industrial Marketing Management

We Create, We Connect, We Respect, Therefore We Are: Intellectual, Social, and Cultural Value in Online Communities

Seraj M.
Journal of Interactive Marketing

What drives outward FDI of Chinese firms? Testing the explanatory power of three theoretical frameworks

Wang C., Hong J., Kafouros M., Boateng A.
International Business Review

What is quality? An integrative framework of processes and states

Golder P.N., Mitra D., Moorman C.
Journal of Marketing

What makes online content viral?

Berger J., Milkman K.L.
Journal of Marketing Research

What We Know and Don't Know About Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review and Research Agenda

Aguinis H., Glavas A.
Journal of Management

Who displays ethical leadership, and why does it matter? An examination of antecedents and consequences of ethical leadership

Mayer D.M., Aquino K., Greenbaum R.L., Kuenzi M.
Academy of Management Journal

Who leaves, where to, and why worry Employee mobility, entrepreneurship and effects on source firm performance

Campbell B.A., Ganco M., Franco A.M., Agarwal R.
Strategic Management Journal

Wine Tourists' Destination Region Brand Image Perception and Antecedents: Conceptualization of a Winescape Framework

Bruwer J., Lesschaeve I.
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing

Work-life balance in china? Social policy, employer strategy and individual coping mechanisms

Xiao Y., Cooke F.L.
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources