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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2013

Citations of Excellence winners

A 'business opportunity' model of corporate social responsibility for small and medium-sized enterprises

H Jenkins
Business Ethics: A European Review, Vol: 18, Issue: 1, 2009

A longitudinal study of team conflict, conflict management, cohesion, and team effectiveness

AG Tekleab, NR Quigley, PE Tesluk
Group & Organization Management, Vol: 34, Issue: 2, 2009

Adoption of electronic health records in the presence of privacy concerns: the elaboration likelihood model and individual persuasion

CM Angst, R Agarwal
Mis Quarterly, Vol: 33, Issue: 2, 2009

Anomaly-based network intrusion detection: techniques, systems and challenges

P Garcia-Teodoro, J Diaz-Verdejo, G Macia-Fernandez, E Vazquez
Computers & Security, Vol: 28, Issue: 1&2, 2009

Bank governance, regulation and risk taking

L Laeven, R Levine
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol: 93, Issue: 2, 2009

Blockbuster culture's next rise or fall: the impact of recommender systems on sales diversity

D Fleder, K Hosanagar
Management Science, Vol: 55, Issue: 5, 2009

Building a more complete theory of sustainable supply chain management using case studies of 10 exemplars

M Pagell, Z Wu
Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol: 45, Issue: 2, 2009

Capital structure decisions: which factors are reliably important?

MZ Frank, VK Goyal
Financial Management, Vol: 38, Issue: 1, 2009

Consumer e-shopping acceptance: antecedents in a technology acceptance model

S Ha, L Stoel
Journal of Business Research, Vol: 62, Issue: 5, 2009

Cultural biases in economic exchange?

L Guiso, P Sapienza, L Zingales
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol: 124, Issue: 3, 2009

Decisions 2.0: the power of collective intelligence

E Bonabeau
MIT Sloan Management Review, Vol: 50, Issue: 2, 2009

Do different types of innovation rely on specific kinds of knowledge interactions?

F Tödtling, P Lehner, A Kaufmann
Technovation, Vol: 29, Issue: 1, 2009

Do they see eye to eye? Management and employee perspectives of high-performance work systems and influence processes on service quality

H Liao, K Toya, DP Lepak, Y Hong
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol: 94, Issue: 2, 2009

Does the type of ownership control matter? Evidence from China's listed companies

G Chen, M Firth, L Xu
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol: 33, Issue: 1, 2009

Effects of word-of-mouth versus traditional marketing: findings from an Internet social networking site

M Trusov, RE Bucklin, K Pauwels
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 73, Issue: 5, 2009

Employee learning orientation, transformational leadership, and employee creativity: the mediating role of employee creative self-efficacy

Y Gong, JC Huang, JL Farh
Academy of Management Journal, Vol: 52, Issue: 4, 2009

Entrepreneurial shareholder activism: hedge funds and other private investors

A Klein, E Zur
The Journal of Finance, Vol: 64, Issue: 1, 2009

Exploration, exploitation, and financial performance: analysis of S&P 500 corporations

J Uotila, M Maula, T Keil, SA Zahra
Strategic Management Journal, Vol: 30, Issue: 2, 2009

Firm-created word-of-mouth communication: evidence from a field test

D Godes, D Mayzlin
Marketing Science, Vol: 28, Issue: 4, 2009

Founder-CEOs, investment decisions, and stock market performance

R Fahlenbrach
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol: 44, Issue: 2, 2009

Frailty correlated default

D Duffie, A Eckner, G Horel, L Saita
The Journal of Finance, Vol: 64, Issue: 5, 2009

Getting brand communities right

S Fournier, L Lee
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 87, Issue: 4, 2009

Getting credit for proactive behavior: supervisor reactions depend on what you value and how you feel

AM Grant, S Parker, C Collins
Personnel Psychology, Vol: 62, Issue: 1, 2009

How brand community practices create value

HJ Schau, AM Muniz Jr, EJ Arnould
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 73, Issue: 5, 2009

How changes in job demands and resources predict burnout, work engagement, and sickness absenteeism

WB Schaufeli, AB Bakker, W Van Rhenen
Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol: 30, Issue: 7, 2009

International evidence on financial derivatives usage

SM Bartram, GW Brown, FR Fehle
Financial Management, Vol: 38, Issue: 1, 2009

Knowledge sharing in interorganizational product development teams: the effect of formal and informal socialization mechanisms

B Lawson, KJ Petersen, PD Cousins, RB Handfield
Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol: 26, Issue: 2, 2009

Leveraging crowdsourcing: activation-supporting components for IT-based ideas competition

JM Leimeister, M Huber, U Bretschneider, H Krcmar
Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol: 26, Issue: 1, 2009

Making things the same: Gases, emission rights and the politics of carbon markets

D MacKenzie
Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol: 34, Issue: 3&4, 2009

Managing the rivalry of competing institutional logics

T Reay, CR Hinings
Organization Studies, Vol: 30, Issue: 6, 2009

Market orientation, marketing capabilities, and firm performance

NA Morgan, DW Vorhies, CH Mason
Strategic Management Journal, Vol: 30, Issue: 8, 2009

Measuring organizational performance: beyond the triple bottom line

G Hubbard
Business Strategy and the Environment, Vol: 18, Issue: 3, 2009

Psychological capital: a positive resource for combating employee stress and turnover

JB Avey, F Luthans, SM Jensen
Human Resource Management, Vol: 48, Issue: 5, 2009

Radical innovation across nations: the preeminence of corporate culture

GJ Tellis, JC Prabhu, RK Chandy
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 73, Issue: 1, 2009

Social media: the new hybrid element of the promotion mix

WG Mangold, DJ Faulds
Business Horizons, Vol: 52, Issue: 4, 2009

Strategic leadership for exploration and exploitation: the moderating role of environmental dynamism

JJP Jansen, D Vera, M Crossan
The Leadership Quarterly, Vol: 20, Issue: 1, 2009

Tax reporting aggressiveness and its relation to aggressive financial reporting

MM Frank, LJ Lynch, SO Rego
The Accounting Review, Vol: 84, Issue: 2, 2009

Technology, identity, and inertia through the lens of 'The Digital Photography Company'

M Tripsas
Organization Science, Vol: 20, Issue: 2, 2009

Testing and extending the group engagement model: linkages between social identity, procedural justice, economic outcomes, and extrarole behavior

SL Blader, TR Tyler
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol: 94, Issue: 2, 2009

The complementary effects of market orientation and entrepreneurial orientation on profitability in small businesses

WE Baker, JM Sinkula
Journal of Small Business Management, Vol: 47, Issue: 4, 2009

The extent and nature of opportunity identification by experienced entrepreneurs

D Ucbasaran, P Westhead, M Wright
Journal of Business Venturing, Vol: 24, Issue: 2, 2009

Transformational leadership, creativity, and organizational innovation

L Gumusluoglu, A Ilsev
Journal of Business Research, Vol: 62, Issue: 4, 2009

User awareness of security countermeasures and its impact on information systems misuse: a deterrence approach

J D'Arcy, A Hovav, D Galletta
Information Systems Research, Vol: 20, Issue: 1, 2009

Virtual communities: a marketing perspective

K De Valck, GH Van Bruggen, B Wierenga
Decision Support Systems, Vol: 47, Issue: 3, 2009

What happens during recessions, crunches and busts?

S Claessens, MA Kose, ME Terrones
Economic Policy, Vol: 24, Issue: 60, 2009

Why are companies offshoring innovation? The emerging global race for talent

AY Lewin, S Massini, C Peeters
Journal of International Business Studies, Vol: 40, Issue: 6, 2009

Why do Chinese firms tend to acquire strategic assets in international expansion?

P Deng
Journal of World Business, Vol: 44, Issue: 1, 2009

Why do consumers buy counterfeit luxury brands?

K Wilcox, HM Kim, S Sen
Journal of Marketing Research, Vol: 46, Issue: 2, 2009

Why sustainability is now the key driver of innovation

R Nidumolu, CK Prahalad, MR Rangaswami
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 87, Issue: 9, 2009

Working consumers: the next step in marketing theory?

B Cova, D Dalli
Marketing Theory, Vol: 9, Issue: 3, 2009