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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2012

Citations of Excellence winners

A comprehensive model and measure of compensation satisfaction

M L Williams, H H Brower, L R Ford, L J Williams and S M Carraher
Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology, Vol: 81, Issue: 4, 2008

A dynamic perspective on next-generation offshoring: the global sourcing of science and engineering talent

S Manning, S Massin and A Y Lewin
Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol: 22, Issue: 3, 2008

A meta-analysis of work demand stressors and job performance: examining main and moderating effects

S Gilboa, A Shirom, Y Fried and C Cooper
Personnel Psychology, Vol: 61, Issue: 2, 2008

A multi-stage model of word-of-mouth influence through viral marketing

A De Bruyn and G L Lilien
International Journal of Research in Marketing, Vol: 25, Issue: 3, 2008

A room with a viewpoint: using social norms to motivate environmental conservation in hotels

N J Goldstein, R B Cialdini and V Griskevicius
Journal of Consumer Research, Vol: 35, Issue: 3, 2008

A trust-based consumer decision-making model in electronic commerce: the role of trust, perceived risk, and their antecedents

D J Kim, D L Ferrin and H R Fao
Decision Support Systems, Vol: 44, Issue: 2, 2008

Acceptance of blog usage: the roles of technology acceptance, social influence and knowledge sharing motivation

C-L Hsu and J C-C Lin
Information & Management, Vol: 45, Issue: 1, 2008

Audit pricing, legal liability regimes, and Big 4 premiums: theory and cross-country evidence

J-H Choi, J-B Kim, X Liu and D A Simunic
Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol: 25, Issue: 1, 2008

Collective risk management in a flight to quality episode

R J Caballero and A Krishnamurthy
The Journal of Finance, Vol: 63, Issue: 5, 2008

Delight by design: the role of hedonic versus utilitarian benefits

R Chitturi, R Raghunathan and V Mahajan
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 72, Issue: 3, 2008

Determinants of accepting wireless mobile data services in China

J Lu, C Liu, C-S Yu and K Wang
Information & Management, Vol: 45, Issue: 1, 2008

Does self-employment reduce unemployment?

A R Thurik, M A Carree, A Van Stel and D B Audretsch
Journal of Business Venturing, Vol: 23, Issue: 6, 2008

Early predictors of job burnout and engagement

C Maslach and M P Leiter
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol: 93, Issue: 3, 2008

Earnings quality at initial public offerings

R Ball and L Shivakumar
Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol: 45, Issue: 2, 2008

Entrepreneurial orientation and new venture performance: the moderating role of intra- and extraindustry social capital

W Stam and T Elfring
Academy of Management Journal, Vol: 51, Issue: 1, 2008

Ethics programs, perceived corporate social responsibility and job satisfaction

S Valentine and G Fleischman
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol: 77, Issue: 2, 2008

Foreign acquisitions by Chinese firms: a strategic intent perspective

H Rui and G S Yip
Journal of World Business, Vol: 43, Issue: 2, 2008

Gender diversity in corporate governance and top management

C Francoeur, R Labelle and B Sinclair-Desgagné
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol: 81, Issue: 1, 2008

Global supply chain risk management

I Manuj and J T Mentzer
Journal of Business Logistics, Vol: 29, Issue: 1, 2008

Growth dynamics: the myth of economic recovery

V Cerra and S C Saxena
American Economic Review, Vol: 98, Issue: 1, 2008

Harnessing the power of the oh-so-social web

J Bernoff and C Li
MIT Sloan Management Review, Vol: 49, Issue: 3, 2008

Incubator best practice: a framework

A Bergek and C Norrman
Technovation, Vol: 28, Issue: 1, 2008

Mandatory IFRS reporting around the world: early evidence on the economic consequences

H Daske, L Hail, C Leuz and R Verdi
Journal of Accounting Research, Vol: 46, Issue: 5, 2008

Mastering the management system

R S Kaplan and D P Norton
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 86, Issue: 1, 2008

More than words: quantifying language to measure firms' fundamentals

PC Tetlock, M Saar?Tsechansky and S Macskassy
The Journal of Finance, Vol: 63, Issue: 3, 2008

Organizational ambidexterity: antecedents, outcomes and moderators

S Raisch and J Birkinshaw
Journal of Management, Vol: 34, Issue: 3, 2008

Reinventing your business model

M W Johnson, C M Christensen and H Kagermann
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 86, Issue: 12, 2008

Resistance to change: the rest of the story

J D Ford, L W Ford and A D'Amelio
Academy of Management Review, Vol: 33, Issue: 2, 2008

Revisiting the relation between environmental performance and environmental disclosure: an empirical analysis

P M Clarkson, Y Li, G D Richardson and F P Vasvari
Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol: 33, Issue: 4, 2008

Servant leadership: development of a multidimensional measure and multi-level assessment

R C Liden, S J Wayne, H Zhao and D Henderson
The Leadership Quarterly, Vol: 19, Issue: 2, 2008

Should you invest in the long tail?

A Elberse
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 86, Issue: 7, 2008

Strategic capacity rationing to induce early purchases

Q Liu and G J van Ryzin
Management Science, Vol: 54, Issue: 6, 2008

Technology acceptance model 3 and a research agenda on interventions

V Venkatesh and H Bala
Decision Sciences, Vol: 39, Issue: 2, 2008

The cost to firms of cooking the books

J M Karpoff, D S Lee and G S Martin
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol: 43, Issue: 3, 2008

The dynamics of online word-of-mouth and product sales - an empirical investigation of the movie industry

W Duan, B Gu and A B Whinston
Journal of Retailing, Vol: 84, Issue: 2, 2008

The fit between product market strategy and business model: implications for firm performance

C Zott and R Amit
Strategic Management Journal, Vol: 29, Issue: 1, 2008

The impact of marketing-induced versus word-of-mouth customer acquisition on customer equity growth

J Villanueva, S Yoo and DM Hanssens
Journal of Marketing Research, Vol: 45, Issue: 1, 2008

The importance of distinguishing errors from irregularities in restatement research: the case of restatements and CEO/CFO turnover

K M Hennes, A J Leone and B P Miller
The Accounting Review, Vol: 83, Issue: 6, 2008

The relationship of age to ten dimensions of job performance

T W H Ng and D C Feldman
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol: 93, Issue: 2, 2008

The relative sophistication of Chinese exports

P K Schott
Economic Policy, Vol: 23, Issue: 53, 2008

Toward a further understanding of the relationships between perceptions of support and work attitudes: a meta-analysis

T W H Ng and K L Sorensen
Group & Organization Management, Vol: 33, Issue: 3, 2008

Toward a theory of familiness: a social capital perspective

A W Pearson, J C Carr and J C Shaw
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Vol: 32, Issue: 6, 2008

Toward improving the relevance of information systems research to practice: the role of applicability checks

M Rosemann and I Vessey
MIS Quarterly, Vol: 32, Issue: 1, 2008

Trade, quality upgrading, and wage inequality in the Mexican manufacturing sector

E A Verhoogen
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol: 123, Issue: 2, 2008

Understanding the impact of personality traits on individuals' turnover decisions: a meta-analytic path model

R D Zimmerman
Personnel Psychology, Vol: 61, Issue: 2, 2008

Unraveling the food supply chain: strategic insights from China and the 2007 recalls

A V Roth, A A Tsay, M E Pullman and J V Gray
Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol: 44, Issue: 1, 2008

Using corporate social responsibility to win the war for talent

C B Bhattacharya, S Sen and D Korschun
MIT Sloan Management Review, Vol: 49, Issue: 2, 2008

When does guanxi matter? Issues of capitalization and its dark sides

F F Gu, K Hung and D K Tse
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 72, Issue: 4, 2008

Which kind of collaboration is right for you?

G P Pisano and R Verganti
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 86, Issue: 12, 2008

Who makes acquisitions? CEO overconfidence and the market's reaction

U Malmendier and G Tate
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol: 89, Issue: 1, 2008