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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2010

Citations of Excellence winners

A Farewell to the Use of Antithetic Variates in Monte Carlo Simulation

E. Saliby and R. J. Paul
Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol: 60, Issue: 7

A Guide to the Future of Strategy? The History of Long Range Planning

Stephen Cummings and Urs Daellenbach
Long Range Planning, Vol: 42, Issue: 2

An Analysis of the Interaction among Savings, Investments and Growth in Turkey

Nurhan Yenturk, Burc Ulengin and Ahmet Cimenoglu
Applied Economics, Vol: 41, Issue: 4-Jun

Anti-branding on the Internet

Sandeep Krishnamurthy and S. Umit Kucuk
Journal of Business Research, Vol: 62, Issue: 11

Avatar-based Innovation: Using Virtual Worlds for Real-world Innovation

Thomas Kohler, Kurt Matzler and Johann Fulller
Technovation, Vol: 29, Issue: 6-Jul

Becoming (a) Practice

Kjersti Bjorkeng, Stewart Clegg and Tyrone Pitsis
Management Learning, Vol: 40, Issue: 2

Causation, Counterfactuals and Competitive Advantage

Rodolphe Durand and Eero Vaara
Strategic Management Journal, Vol: 30, Issue: 12

Cognition and Renewal: Comparing CEO and Organizational Effects on Incumbent Adaptation to Technical Change

J. P. Eggers and Sarah Kaplan
Organization Science, Vol: 20, Issue: 2

Collective Bargaining and New Work Regimes: "Too important to Be Left to Bosses"

Patricia Findlay, Alan McKinlay, Abigail Marks and Paul Thompson
Industrial Relations Journal, Vol: 40, Issue: 3

Creating a Winning R&D Culture - I

Greg A. Stevens and Kurt Swogger
Research Technology Management, Vol: 52, Issue: 1

Cultural Biases in Economic Exchange?

Luigi Guiso, Paulo Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol: 124, Issue: 3

Decentralization in Wikipedia Governance

Andrea Forte, Vanessa Larco and Amy Bruckman
Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol: 26, Issue: 1

Disclosure of Information by Children in Social Networking - Not Just a Case of "You Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine"

Zaineb De Souza and Geoffrey N. Dick
International Journal of Information Management, Vol: 29, Issue: 4

Discounting Time and Time Discounting: Subjective Time Perception and Intertemporal Preferences

Gal Zauberman, B. Kyu Kim, Selin A. Malkoc and James R. Bettman
Journal of Marketing Research, Vol: 46, Issue: 4

Division Director versus CEO Compensation: New Insights into the Determinants of Executive Pay

Juan Santalo and Carl Joachim Kock
Journal of Management, Vol: 35, Issue: 4

Do Scientists Get Fundamental Research Ideas by Solving Practical Problems?

Chiara Franzoni
Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol: 18, Issue: 4

Dynamic Capabilities and the Role of Managers in Business Strategy and Economic Performance

Mie Augier and David J. Teece
Organization Science, Vol: 20, Issue: 2

Effects of Word-of-Mouth Versus Traditional Marketing: Findings from an Internet Social Networking Site

Michael Trusov, Randolph E. Bucklin and Koen Pauwels
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 73, Issue: 5

Emotional Engagement: How Television Builds Big Brands at Low Attention

Robert Heath
Journal of Advertising Research, Vol: 49, Issue: 1

Engaging Group E-learning in Virtual Worlds

Katherine Franceschi, Ronald M. Lee, Stelios H. Zanakis and David Hinds
Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol: 26, Issue: 1

Extending Internalization Theory: From the Multinational Enterprise to the Knowledge-Based Empire

Mark Casson, Ken Dark and Mohamed Azzim Gulamhussen
International Business Review, Vol: 18, Issue: 3

Financial Crisis and Reform: Looking Back for Clues to the Future

Robert E. Wright
McKinsey Quarterly, Issue: 1

Great Expectations: Banks as Equity Underwriters

Susan Chaplinsky and Gayle R. Erwin
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol: 33, Issue: 2

Hiring Stars and Their Colleagues: Exploration and Exploitation in Professional Service Firms

Boris Groysberg and Linda-Eling Lee
Organization Science, Vol: 20, Issue: 4

Home is Where the Hurt Is: An Econometric Analysis of Injuries Caused by Spousal Assault

Vani K. Borooah and John Mangan
Applied Economics, Vol: 41, Issue: 19/21

How Are Employees at Different Levels Affected by Privatization? A Longitudinal Study of Two Swedish Hospitals

Helena Falkenberg, Katharina Naswall, Magnus Sverke and Anders Sjoberg
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Vol: 82, Issue: 1

How GE Is Disrupting Itself

Jeffrey R. Immelt, Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Timble
Harvard Business Review, Vol: Oct

How Inappropriate Attachments Can Drive Good Leaders to Make Bad Decisions

Sydney Finkelstein, Jo Whitehead and Andrew Campbell
Organizational Dynamics, Vol: 38, Issue: 2

Information Technology and Transnational Integration: Theory and Evidence on the Evolution of the Modern Multinational Enterprise

Subramanian Rangan and Metin Sengul
Journal of International Business Studies, Vol: 40, Issue: 9

Oil and the Euro Area Economy

Gert Peersman and Ine Van Robays
Economic Policy, Vol: Oct

Option Trading and Individual Investor Performance

Rob Bauer, Mathijs Cosemans and Piet Eichholtz
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol: 33, Issue: 4

Personality and Citizenship Behaviour: The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction

Remus Ilies, Ingrid Smithey Fulmer, Matthias Spitzmuller and Michael D. Johnson
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol: 94, Issue: 4

Public and Private Enforcement of Securities Laws: Resource-based Evidence

Howell E. Jackson and Mark J. Roe
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol: 93, Issue: 2

Rare Disasters, Asset Prices, and Welfare Costs

Robert J. Barro
American Economic Review, Vol: 99, Issue: 1

Should Good Stocks Have High Prices or High Returns?

Markku Kaustia, Heidi Laukkanen and Vesa Puttonen
Financial Analysts Journal, Vol: 65, Issue: 3

Significant Threads: The Nature of Data

Paul Beynon-Davies
International Journal of Information Management, Vol: 29, Issue: 3

Testing Behaviour Hypotheses Using an Integrated Model of Grocery Store Shopping Path and Purchase Behaviour

Sam K. Hui, Eric T. Bradlow and Peter S. Fader
Journal of Consumer Research, Vol: 36, Issue: 3

The Co-evolution of Organizational Value Capture, Value Creation and Sustainable Advantage

Christos N. Pitelis
Organization Studies, Vol: 30, Issue: 10

The Enactment-Externalization Dialectic: Rationalization and the Persistence of Counterproductive Technology Design Practices in Student Engineering

Paul M. Leonardi, Michelle H. Jackson and Amer Diwan
Academy of Management Journal , Vol: 52, Issue: 2

The Future of Securities Regulation

Luigi Zingales
Journal of Accounting Research, Vol: 47, Issue: 2

The GDP Paradox

Jeroen C. J. M. van den Bergh
Journal of Economic Psychology, Vol: 30, Issue: 2

The Hot and Cool of Death Awareness at Work: Mortality Cues, Aging and Self-protective and Prosocial Motivations

Adam M. Grant and Kimberly A. Wade-Benzoni
Academy of Management Review, Vol: 34, Issue: 4

The Perceived Importance of HR Duties to Danish Line Managers

Julia Brandl, Mona Toft Madsen, Henning Madsen
Human Resource Management Journal, Vol: 19, Issue: 2

Tilting at Windmills? The Environmental Movement and the Emergence of the US Wind Energy Sector

Wesley D. Sine and Brandon H. Lee
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol: 54, Issue: 1

Transparency and Financial Reporting in Mid-20th Century British Banking

Mark Billings and Forrest Capie
Accounting Forum, Vol: 33, Issue: 1

US Imperialism in Action: An Audit-based Appraisal of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq

Christine Cooper and Lesley Catchpowle
Critical Perspectives in Accounting, Vol: 20, Issue: 6

Website Morphing

John R. Hauser, Glen L. Urban, Guilherme Liberali and Michael Braun
Marketing Science, Vol: 28, Issue: 2

What Happens During Recessions, Crunches and Busts?

Stijn Claessens, M. Ayhan Kose and Marco E. Terrones
Economic Policy, Vol: Oct

Why Are Themed Brandstores So Powerful? Retail Brand Ideology at American Girl Place

Stefania Borghini, Nina Diamond, Robert V. Kozinets, Mary Ann McGrath, Albert M. Muniz Jr and John F. Sherry Jr
Journal of Retailing, Vol: 85, Issue: 3

Workplace Values and Beliefs: An Empirical Study of Ideology, High Commitment Management and Unionization

Alan Geare, Fiona Edgar and Ian McAndrew
The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol: 20, Issue: 5