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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2008

Citations of Excellence winners

A Global Link between National Diversity Policies? The Case of the Migration of Nigerian Physicians to the UK and USA

Geraldine Healy and Franklin Oikelome
International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol: 18, Issue: 11

A Prism Into The PPP Puzzles: The Micro-Foundations of Big Mac Real Exchange Rates

David C. Parsley and Shang-Jin Wei
The Economic Journal, Vol: 117, Issue: 523

A Theory of Takeovers and Disinvestment

Bart M. Lambrecht and Stewart C. Myers
The Journal of Finance, Vol: 62, Issue: 2

Acquisition Premiums, Subsequent Workforce Reductions and Post-Acquisition Performance

Hema A. Krishnan, Michael A. Hitt and Daewoo Park
Journal of Management Studies, Vol: 44, Issue: 5

Analysts' Conflicts of Interest and Biases in Earnings Forecasts

Louis K. C. Chan, Jason Karceski and Josef Lakonishok
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol: 42, Issue: 4

Are Articles in "Top" Management Journals Necessarily of Higher Quality?

Gangaram Singh, Kamal M. Haddad and Chee W. Chow
Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol: 16, Issue: 4

Can a Retail Website Be Social?

Liz C. Wang, Julie Baker, Judy A. Wagner and Kirk Wakefield
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 71, Issue: 3

Do the Sick Retire Early? Chronic Illness, Asset Accumulation and Early Retirement

M. Solaiman Miah and Virginia Wilcox-Gok
Applied Economics, Vol: 39, Issue: 13-15

Does Monitoring Improve Labor Standards? Lessons from Nike

Richard M. Locke, Fei Qin and Alberto Brause
Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol: 61, Issue: 1

Doing Good, Doing Harm, Being Well and Burning Out: The Interaction of Perceived Prosocial and Antisocial Impact in Service Work

Adam M. Grant and Elizabeth M. Campbell
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Vol: 80, Issue: 4

Dynamic Capabilities at IBM: Driving Strategy into Action

J. Bruce Harreld, Charles A. O'Reilly III and Michael L. Tushman
California Management Review, Vol: 49, Issue: 4

Estimating Risk Preferences from Deductible Choice

Alma Cohen and Liran Einav
The American Economic Review, Vol: 97, Issue: 3

Finance Theory: A house without windows

Kevin Keasey and Robert Hudson
Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Vol: 18, Issue: 8

Financing and Access in Cooperatives

Patrick Rey and Jean Tirole
International Journal of Industrial Organisation, Vol: 25, Issue: 5

For the Sake of Serving the Broader Community: Sea Piloting Compared with Auditing

Per Forsberg and Stig Westerdahl
Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Vol: 18, Issue: 7

Functional Similiarities between Computer Worms and Biological Pathogens

Jun Li and Paul Knickerbocker
Computers & Security, Vol: 26, Issue: 4

Global Growth Opportunities and Market Integration

Geert Bekaert, Campbell R. Harvey, Christian Lundblad and Stephan Siegel
Journal of Finance, Vol: 62, Issue: 3

Guest Satisfaction and Restaurant Performance

Sachin Gupta, Edward McLaughlin and Miguel Gomez
Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, Vol: 48, Issue: 3

Guilty, Not Guilty, or?? Multiple Options in Jury Verdict Choices

Michael Smithson, Sara Deady and Lavinia Gracik
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol: 20, Issue: 5

Hedge Funds: Past, Present and Future

René M. Stulz
Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol: 21, Issue: 2

How Good are Private Equity Returns?

Robert M. Conroy and Robert S. Harris
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Vol: 19, Issue: 3

HR Practices, Organizational Climate and Employee Outcomes: Evaluating Social Exchange Relationships in Local Government`

Julian Gould-Willliams
International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol: 18, Issue: 9

Informatics and the Inca

Paul Beynon-Davies
International Journal of Information Management, Vol: 27, Issue: 5

Information Transformation: Some Missing Links

Ivan P. Vaghely, Pierre-André Julien and André Cyr
Human Systems Management, Vol: 26, Issue: 3

Intergroup Leadership

Todd L. Pittinsky and Stefanie Simon
The Leadership Quarterly, Vol: 18, Issue: 6

International Portfolio Diversification Benefits: Cross-Country Evidence from a Local Perspective

Joost Driessen and Luc Laeven
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol: 31, Issue: 6

Is There Intelligent Life Outside the City?

Oriole Newgass
Business Information Review, Vol: 24, Issue: 2

Let Chaos Reign, then Reign in Chaos - Repeatedly: Managing Strategic Dynamics for Corporate Longevity

Robert A. Burgelman and Andrew S. Grove
Strategic Management Journal, Vol: 28, Issue: 10

Lies, Fraud and Felony

Walt Pavlo
Industrial Engineer, Vol: 39, Issue: 8

Making Judgment Calls: The Ultimate Act of Leadership

Noel M. Tichy and Warren G. Bennis
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 85, Issue: 10

Management Learning and the Corporate MBA: Situated or Individual?

Karen Legge, Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor and David Wilson
Management Learning, Vol: 38, Issue: 4

Misunderstanding the Nature of Company Performance: The Halo Effect and Other Business Delusions

Phil Rosenzweig
California Management Review, Vol: 49, Issue: 4

Mutual Fund Flows and Investor Returns: An Empirical Examination of Fund Investor Timing Ability

Geoffrey C. Friesen and Travis R. A. Sapp
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol: 31, Issue: 9

Optimal Taxation of Car Ownership, Car Use, and Public Transport: Insights Derived from a Discrete Choice Numerical Optimization Model

Bruno de Borger and Inge Mayeres
European Economic Review, Vol: 51, Issue: 5

Optimum and Risk-Class Pricing of Annuities

Eytan Sheshinski
The Economic Journal, Vol: 117, Issue: 1

Political Skill and Influence Effectiveness: Testing Portions of an Expanded Ferris and Judge (1991) Model

Robert W. Kolodinsky, Darren C. Treadway and Gerald R. Ferris
Human Relations, Vol: 60, Issue: 12

Product Ethnicity: Revisiting the Match Between Products and Countries

Jean-Claude Usunier and Ghislaine Cestre
Journal of International Marketing, Vol: 15, Issue: 3

Reorienting Companies' Hiring Behaviour: An Innovative 'Back-to-Work' Method in France

Marie Salognon
Work, Employment and Society, Vol: 21, Issue: 4

Risk Management in ERP Project Introduction: Review of the Literature

Davide Aloini, Riccardo Dulmin and Valeria Mininno
Information & Management, Vol: 44, Issue: 6

The Impact of Training on the Formulation of Ill-structured Problems

Susan J. Ellspermann, Gerald W. Evans and Min Basadur
Omega: The International Journal of Management Science, Vol: 35, Issue: 2

The Moderating Influence of Advertising Context on Ad Repetition Effects: The Role of Amount and Type of Elaboration

Prashant Malaviya
Journal of Consumer Research, Vol: 34, Issue: 1

The Psychology and Law of Voluntary Manslaughter: What Can Psychology Research Teach Us About the "Heat of Passion" Defense?

Steven J. Sherman and Joseph L. Hoffmann
Journal of Behavioural Decision Making, Vol: 20, Issue: 5

The Reasoning Skills and Thinking Dispositions of Problem Gamblers: A Dual-Process Taxonomy

Maggie E. Toplak, Eleanor Liu, Robyn Macpherson, Tony Toneatto and Keith E. Stanovich
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol: 20, Issue: 2

The Role of Positive Emotions in Experiential Decisions

Robert J. Kwortnik Jr and William T. Ross Jr
International Journal of Research in Marketing, Vol: 24, Issue: 4

The Role, Function and Contribution of Attribution Theory to Leadership: A Review

Mark J. Martinko, Paul Harvey and Scott C. Douglas
The Leadership Quarterly, Vol: 18, Issue: 6

The Volatility Effect: Lower Risk without Lower Return

David C. Blitz and Pim van Vliet
The Journal of Portfolio Management, Vol: 34, Issue: 1

What are Stock Investors' Actual Historical Returns? Evidence from Dollar-Weighted Returns

Ilia D. Dichev
The American Economic Review, Vol: 97, Issue: 1

What They Know and We Don't

Don E. Schultz
Marketing Management, Vol: 16, Issue: 5

Who's On the Line? Indian Call Center Agents Pose as Americans for US-outsourced Firms

Winifred R. Poster
Industrial Relations, Vol: 46, Issue: 2

XBRL: An (Open) Source of Enlightenment or Disillusion?

Joanne Locke and Alan Lowe
European Accounting Review, Vol: 16, Issue: 3