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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2007

Citations of Excellence winners

A comparison of HRM systems in the USA, Japan and Germany in their socio-economic context

Pudelko M
Human Resource Management Journal, Vol: 16, Issue: 2

A cultural perspective of relationship orientation: using organisational culture to support a supply relationship orientation

Winklhofer H, Pressey A, Tzokas N
Journal of Marketing Management, Vol: 22, Issue: 1/2

A diagrammatical template for business market demand estimation

Meredith L
Industrial Marketing Management, Vol: 35, Issue: 4

Adjusting to the national minimum wage: constraints and incentives to change in six low-paying sectors

Grimshaw D, Carroll M
Industrial Relations Journal, Vol: 37, Issue: 1

Advantageous effects of regulatory adverse selection in the life insurance market

Polborn M K, Hoy M, Sadanand A
The Economic Journal, Vol: 116, Issue: 508

Are country and culture values interchangeable? A case example using occupational stress and coping

Sawang S, Oei T P S, Goh Y W
International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, Vol: 6, Issue: 2

Belief in a just world and redistributive politics

Benabou R, Tirole J
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol: 121, Issue: 2

Benchmarking services branding practices

Gray B J
Journal of Marketing Management, Vol: 22, Issue: 7/8

Beyond Guanxi: network contingencies in Taiwanese business groups

Chi-Nien Chung
Organization Studies, Vol: 27, Issue: 4

Business ethics and existentialism

Ashman I, Winstanley D
Business Ethics: A European Review, Vol: 15, Issue: 3

Corporate governance and financial constraints on strategic turnarounds

Filatotchev I, Toms S
Journal of Management Studies, Vol: 43, Issue: 3

Cyber-warfare threatens corporations: expansion into commercial environments

Knapp K J, Boulton W R
Information Systems Management, Vol: 23, Issue: 2

Does restructuring hospitals result in greater efficiency? An empirical test using diachronic data

Braithwaite J, Westbrook M T, Hindle D, Iedema R A, Black D A
Health Services Management Research, Vol: 19, Issue: 1

Effects of database choice on international accounting research

Lara J M G, Osma B G, Gill de Albornoz Noguer B
Abacus, Vol: 42, Issue: 3/4

Emotional labor and organized emotional care: conceptualizing nursing care work

Lopez S H
Work and Occupations, Vol: 33, Issue: 2

European unemployment: the evolution of facts and ideas

Blanchard O
Economic Policy, Vol: 45

Evoking brand values with design

Knight J
Design Management Review, Vol: 17, Issue: 2

Explaining clustering in social networks: towards an evolutionary theory of cascading benefits

Levine S S, Kurzban R
Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol: 27, Issue: 2/3

Financial restraints in a mature welfare state - the case of Denmark

Andersen T M, Pedersen L H
Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol: 22, Issue: 3

Flights of fancy: corporate jets, CEO perquisites, and inferior shareholder returns

Yermack D
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol: 80, Issue: 1

From T-shirts to T-bonds

Woodall P
The Business Economist, Vol: 37, Issue: 1

Golden handshakes: separation pay for retired and dismissed CEOs

Yermack D
Journal of Accounting & Economics, Vol: 41, Issue: 3

Institutional perspectives on real estate investing

Dhar R, Goetzmann W N
Journal of Portfolio Management, Vol: 32, Issue: 4

Internal ratings systems, implied credit risk and the consistency of banks' risk classification policies

Jacobson T, Lind? J, Roszbach K
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol: 30, Issue: 7

Investor monitoring and differences in mutual fund performance

James C, Karceski J
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol: 30, Issue: 10

Is sustainable agriculture a viable strategy to improve farm income in Central America? A case study of coffee

Kilian B, Jones C, Pratt L, Villalobos A
Journal of Business Research, Vol: 59, Issue: 3

Leader framing and follower sensemaking: response to downsizing in the brave new workplace

Bean C J, Hamilton F E
Human Relations, Vol: 59, Issue: 3

Managing people in turbulent economic times: a knowledge-creation and appropriation perspective

Kamoche K N
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Vol: 44, Issue: 1

Managing threats in the global era: the impact and response to SARS

Tan W-J, Enderwick P
Thunderbird International Business Review, Vol: 48, Issue: 4

Mitigating hazards through continuing design: the birth and evolution of a pediatric intensive care unit

Madsen P, Desai V, Roberts K, Wong D
Organization Science, Vol: 17, Issue: 2

Nanotechnology: future military environmental health considerations

Glenn J C
Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol: 73, Issue: 2

No space - new blood and the production of brand culture colonies

Bradshaw A, McDonagh P, Marshall D
Journal of Marketing Management, Vol: 22, Issue: 5/6

On the choice of superannuation funds in Australia

Langford B R, Faff R W, Marisetty V B
Journal of Financial Services Research, Vol: 29, Issue: 3

Perceived effectiveness of influence strategies in the United States and three Chinese societies

Leong J L T, Bond M H, Ping Ping Fu
International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, Vol: 6, Issue: 1

Predation and the cost of replication: new approaches to malware prevention?

Ford R, Bush M, Bulatov A
Computers & Security, Vol: 25, Issue: 4

Public discourse and cosmopolitan political identity: imagining the European Union citizen

Beasley A
Futures, Vol: 38, Issue: 2

Radio frequency identification

Roberts C
Computers & Security, Vol: 25, Issue: 1

Rationality, performance measures and representations of reality: planning programming and budgeting and the Vietnam war

Chwastiak M
Critical Prespectives on Accounting, Vol: 17, Issue: 1

Raytheon Missile Systems responds to the needs of extreme caregivers in the workplace

Palmer A
Journal of Organizational Excellence, Vol: 25, Issue: 3

Risk and household grain management in developing countries

Park A
Economic Journal, Vol: 116, Issue: 514

Sexual harassment in small-town New Zealand: a qualitative study of three contrasting organizations

Handy J
Gender, Work & Organization, Vol: 13, Issue: 1

Strategic decisions regarding the vertical integration of human resource organizations: evidence for an integrated model for the financial services and non-financial services industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Wahrenburg M, Hackethal A, Friedrich L, Gellrich T
International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol: 17, Issue: 10

The best and the brightest: the construction, significance and effects of elite identities in consulting firms

Alvesson M, Robertson M
Organization, Vol: 13, Issue: 2

The contribution of measurement and information infrastructure to TQM success

Taylor W A, Wright G H
Omega, Vol: 34, Issue: 4

The interaction of top management group, stakeholder, and situational factors on certain corporate reputation management activities

Carter S M
Journal of Management Studies, Vol: 43, Issue: 5

The role of networks of practice, value sharing, and operational proximity in knowledge flows between professional groups

Tagliaventi M R, Mattarelli E
Human Relations, Vol: 59, Issue: 3

The value premium and the CAPM

Fama E F, French K R
Journal of Finance, Vol: 61, Issue: 5

Toward a neo-Schumpeterian theory of the firm

Winter S G
Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol: 15, Issue: 1

Which types of analyst firms are more optimistic?

Cowen A, Groysberg B, Healy P
Journal of Accounting & Economics, Vol: 41, Issue: 1/2

Working conditions of temporary company-affiliated IT workers

Westenholz A
New Technology, Work and Employment, Vol: 21, Issue: 1