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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2006

Citations of Excellence winners

A study of the motivations for the environmental transformation of companies

Gonz?lez-Benito J, Gonz?lez-Benito O
Industrial Marketing Management, Vol: 34, Issue: 5

An intra- and inter-industry analysis of e-business effectiveness

Motiwalla L, Riaz Khan M, Shenghan Xu
Information & Management, Vol: 42, Issue: 5

Antecedents of perceived quality in the context of internet retail stores

Gounaris S, Dimitriadis S, Stathakopoulos V
Journal of Marketing Management, Vol: 21, Issue: 07-Aug

Benefiting from mistakes: the impact of guided errors on learning, performance, and self-efficacy

Lorenzet S J, Salas E, Tannenbaum S I
Human Resource Development Quarterly, Vol: 16, Issue: 3

Can retailers get higher prices for 'end-of-life' inventory through online auctions?

Wood C M, Alford B L, Jackson R W, Gilley O W
Journal of Retailing, Vol: 81, Issue: 3

CEO overconfidence and corporate investment

Malmendier U, Tate G
The Journal of Finance, Vol: 60, Issue: 6

Consuming technology: why marketers sometimes get it wrong

Berthon P, Hulbert J M, Pitt L
California Management Review, Vol: 48, Issue: 1

Contested commodification: consultancies and their struggle with new concept development

Heusinkveld S, Benders J
Human Relations, Vol: 58, Issue: 3

Copying and copyright

Varian H R
Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol: 19, Issue: 2

Does corporate governance matter? Why the corporate performance of Toyota and Canon is superior to GM and Xerox

Yoshimori M
Corporate Governance, Vol: 13, Issue: 3

Drivers of upward and downward migration: an empirical investigation among theatregoers

Ngobo P V
International Journal of Research in Marketing, Vol: 22, Issue: 2

Dynamic transformations for base-of-the-pyramid market clusters

Arnould E J, Mohr J J
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol: 33, Issue: 3

Ethics and investment management: true reform

Jennings M M
Financial Analysts Journal, Vol: 61, Issue: 3

Extending employment beyond retirement age: the case of health care managers in Quebec

Saba T, Guerin G
Public Personnel Management, Vol: 34, Issue: 2

Fairness and relationship quality perceived by local suppliers: in search of critical success factors for international retailers

SeongMu Suh
Journal of Global Marketing, Vol: 18, Issue: 01-Feb

Financial performance and the long-term link with HR practices, work climate and job stress

van Veldhoven M
Human Resource Management Journal, Vol: 15, Issue: 4

For better or worse? Non-standard jobs and high involvement work systems

Felstead A, Gallie D
The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol: 15, Issue: 7

Get the word out

Mohr I, Chiagouris L
Marketing Management, Vol: 14, Issue: 4

Hierarchical cellular network design with channel allocation

Kalvenes J, Kennington J, Olinick E
European Journal of Operational Research, Vol: 160, Issue: 1

How rising competition among microfinance institutions affects incumbent lenders

McIntosh C, de Janvry A, Sadoulet E
The Economic Journal, Vol: 115, Issue: 506

Influences on the choice of HR system: the network organization perspective

Kinnie N J, Swart J, Purcell J
The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol: 16, Issue: 6

Inter-firm modularity and its implications for product development

Staudenmayer N, Tripas M, Tucci C L
The Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol: 22, Issue: 4

International venture capital research: from cross-country comparisons to crossing borders

Wright M, Pruthi S, Lockett A
International Journal of Management Reviews, Vol: 7, Issue: 3

Kaleidoscope careers: an alternate explanation for the opt-out revolution

Mainiero L A, Sullivan S E
Academy of Management Executive, Vol: 19, Issue: 1

Location based services ? new challenges for planning and public administration?

Rein R, Mark
Futures, Vol: 37, Issue: 6

Managing innovation beyond the steady state

Bessant J, Lamming R, Noke H, Philips W
Technovation, Vol: 25, Issue: 12

Managing the paradoxes of mobile technology

Jarvenpaa S L, Lang K R
Information Systems Management, Vol: 22, Issue: 4

Many diversities for many services: theorizing diversity (management) in service companies

Janssens M, Zanoni P
Human Relations, Vol: 58, Issue: 3

Multinational enterprises in the new Europe: are they really global?

Rugman A M, Collinson S
Organizational Dynamics, Vol: 34, Issue: 3

Partnership working and the cultivated activist

Samuel P
Industrial Relations Journal, Vol: 36, Issue: 1

Placebo effects of marketing actions: consumers may get what they pay for

Shiv B, Carmon Z, Ariely D
Journal of Marketing Research, Vol: 42, Issue: 4

Property taxation and the economy after the Barker Review

Muellbauer J
The Economic Journal, Vol: 115, Issue: 502

Quantification and persuasion in managerial judgement

Kadous K, Koonce L, Towry K L
Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol: 22, Issue: 3

Reducing causal ambiguity to facilitate strategic learning

Ambrosini V, Bowman C
Management Learning, Vol: 36, Issue: 4

Relationship marketing and consumer switching behaviour

Hung-Chang Chiu, Yi-Ching Hsieh, Yu-Chuan Li, Monle Lee
Journal of Business Research, Vol: 58, Issue: 12

Schumpeter's ghost: is hypercompetition making the best of times shorter?

Wiggins R R, Ruefli T W
Strategic Management Journal, Vol: 26, Issue: 10

Search during decision making

Nutt P C
European Journal of Operational Research, Vol: 160, Issue: 3

Supply chain collaboration: making sense of the strategy continuum

Holweg M, Disney S, Holmstr?m J, Sm?ros J
European Management Journal, Vol: 23, Issue: 2

The brand-customer connection

Keiningham T L, Aksoy L, Perkins-Munn T, Vavra T G
Marketing Management, Vol: 14, Issue: 4

The consequences of labor market flexibility: panel evidence based on survey data

Di Tella R, MacCulloch R
European Economic Review, Vol: 49, Issue: 5

The consumption of our discontent

Sanne C
Business Strategy and the Environment, Vol: 14, Issue: 5

The economic implications of corporate financial reporting

Graham J R, Harvey C R, Rajgopal S
Journal of Accounting & Economics, Vol: 40, Issue: 01-Mar

The effect of social capital in new venture creation: the Cambridge high-technology cluster

Myint Y M, Vyakarnam, New M J
Strategic Change, Vol: 14, Issue: 3

The effects of human resource management on small firms' productivity and employees' wages

de Grip A, Sieben I
Applied Economics, Vol: 37, Issue: 9

The fleeting effects of disclosure forthcomingness on management's reporting credibility

Mercer M
The Accounting Review, Vol: 80, Issue: 2

The global chess game ? or is it go? Market-entry strategies for emerging markets

Nielson C
Thunderbird International Business Review, Vol: 47, Issue: 4

The role of age in the perceptions of politics ? job performance relationship: a three-study constructive replication

Treadway D C, Ferris G R, Hochwarter W, Perrew? P, Witt L A, Goodman J M,
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol: 90, Issue: 5

The role, use and activation of strong and weak network ties: a qualitative analysis

Jack S L
Journal of Management Studies, Vol: 42, Issue: 6

Unpacking regional ethnicity and the strength of ties in shaping ethnic entrepreneurship

Lai Si Tsui-Auch
Organization Studies, Vol: 26, Issue: 8

Using the balanced scorecard to manage intangible assets in a Sino-foreign joint venture

O'Connor N G, Feng E
Australian Accounting Review, Vol: 15, Issue: 2

What is enterprise partnership?

Teague P
Organization, Vol: 12, Issue: 4

What makes a good project manager?

Cheng M-I, Dainty A R J, Moore D R
Human Resource Management Journal, Vol: 15, Issue: 1