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Emerald Citations of Excellence

Citations of Excellence winners: 2005

Citations of Excellence winners

A decade of neglect: reflecting on gender and IS

Adam A, Howcroft D, Richardson H
New Technology, Work & Employment, Vol: 19, Issue: 3

A work system view of DSS in its fourth decade

Alter S
Decision Support Systems, Vol: 38, Issue: 3

Achieving a new equilibrium? The stability of cooperative employer-union relationships

Oxenbridge S, Brown W
Industrial Relations Journal, Vol: 35, Issue: 5

Agents of change: how young consumers are changing the world of marketing

Spero I, Stone M
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, Vol: 7, Issue: 2

Anti-herding and strategic consultation

Levy G
European Economic Review, Vol: 48, Issue: 3

Avoiding the 'McJobs': unemployed job seekers and attitudes to service work

Lindsay C, McQuiad R
Work Employment & Society, Vol: 18, Issue: 2

Co-opetition: the organisation of the future

Zineldin M
Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol: 22, Issue: 7

Corporate codes of labour practices and employment relations in sports shoe contractor factories in South Korea

Kim S, Frenkel S
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Vol: 42, Issue: 1

Cracking export markets with genetically modified crops: what is the entry mode strategy?

Isaac G E, Perdikis N, Kerr W A
International Marketing Review, Vol: 21, Issue: 4

Crime rates, male youth unemployment and real income in Australia: evidence from Granger causality tests

Kumar P, Smyth R
Applied Economics, Vol: 36, Issue: 18

Cultivating moral imagination through meditation

La Forge P G
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol: 51, Issue: 1

Decision support systems evolution: framework, case study and research agenda

Arnott D
European Journal of Information Systems, Vol: 13, Issue: 4

Going down? Race and downward occupational mobility for white-collar workers in the 1990s

McBrier D, Wilson G
Work & Occupations, Vol: 31, Issue: 3

How to profit from defence: a study in the misapplication of business accounting to the public sector in Australia

Barton A
Financial Accountability & Management, Vol: 20, Issue: 3

Integrated manufacturing, empowerment and company performance

Patterson M, West M, Wall T
Journal of Organizational Behaviour, Vol: 25, Issue: 5

Kindling activism? Union commitment and participation in the UK fire service

Redman T, Snape E
Human Relations, Vol: 57, Issue: 7

Knowledge transfer and expatriation in multinational corporations: the role of disseminative capacity

Minbaeva D B, Michailova S
Employee Relations, Vol: 26, Issue: 6

Local capture: evidence from a central government transfer programme in Uganda

Reinikka R, Svensson J
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol: 119, Issue: 2

Long-distance access network design

Berger R T, Raghavan S
Management Science, Vol: 50, Issue: 3

National defence, oil imports and bio-energy technology

Ames R M, Corridore A, MacAvoy P W
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Vol: 16, Issue: 1

Process management in the public sector: the experience of one-stop shops in Italy

Ongaro E
The International Journal of Public Sector Management, Vol: 17, Issue: 1

Re-scaling regeneration: experiences of merging area-based and city-wide partnerships in urban policy

Coaffee J
The International Journal of Public Sector Management, Vol: 17, Issue: 5

Reconceptualizing tourism

Farrell B H, Twining-Ward L
Annals of Tourism Research, Vol: 31, Issue: 2

Reply to commentary on ?Understanding brand performance measures: using Dirichlet benchmarks'

Uncles M D, Chadwick S, Ehrenberg A S C, Thwaites D, Goodhart G J
Journal of Business Research, Vol: 57, Issue: 12

Selecting hotel staff: why best practise does not always work

Lockyer C, Scholarios D,
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol: 16, Issue: 2

Self-esteem within the work and organizational context: a review of the organization-based self-esteem literature

Pierce J, Gardner D
Journal of Management, Vol: 30, Issue: 5

Strategic decision-making processes: beyond the efficiency-consensus trade-off

Roberto M A
Group & Organization Management, Vol: 29, Issue: 6

Temporal leadership

van der Erve M
European Business Review, Vol: 16, Issue: 6

The almost customer: a missed opportunity to enhance corporate success

Barnes J G, King B R, G A Breen
Managing Service Quality, Vol: 14, Issue: 2/3

The bridge to the ?real world?: applied science or a ?schizophrenic tour de force??

Nicolai A, Burnes B
Journal of Management Studies, Vol: 41, Issue: 6

The critical period of disasters: insights from sense-making and psychoanalytic theory

Stein M
Human Relations, Vol: 57, Issue: 10

The development and validation of a scale measuring consumer/customer-derived generic typology of positioning strategies

Blankson C, Kalafatis S P
Journal of Marketing Management, Vol: 20, Issue: 1/2

The effectiveness of environmental claims amongst Chinese consumers: influences of claim type, country disposition and ecocentric orientation

Chan R Y K, Lau L B Y
Journal of Marketing Management, Vol: 20, Issue: 3/4

The herd perspective

Earls M
Admap, Vol: 39, Issue: 449

The structural origins of conflicts of interest in the accounting profession

Boyd C
Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol: 14, Issue: 3

Towards knowledge leadership

Viitala R
Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Vol: 25, Issue: 6

Towards modeling the predictors of managerial career success: does gender matter?

Eddleston K, Baldridge D, Veiga J
Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol: 19, Issue: 4

Toxic decision processes: a study of emotion and organizational decision making

Maitlis S, Ozcelik H
Organization Science, Vol: 15, Issue: 4

Trading down: the intellectual poverty of the new free trade agreements

F Phillips
Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Vol: 71, Issue: 8

Transactive memory directories in small work units

Peltokorpi V
Personnel Review, Vol: 33, Issue: 4

Two kinds of creativity - but which ones?

G Kaufmann
Creativity and Innovation Management, Vol: 13, Issue: 3

Unbundling the mobile value chain

Anderson J, Williams B
Business Strategy Review, Vol: 15, Issue: 3

Using Boolean- and fuzzy-logic-based methods to analyse multiple case study evidence in management research

?z ?
Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol: 13, Issue: 2

Using OR for diagnosis and facilitation in change programmes: a university application

Nicholls M G, Cargill B J, Dhir K S
Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol: 55, Issue: 5

Why are we talking inside? Reflecting on traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and management research

Whiteman G
Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol: 13, Issue: 3

Why marketers don?t market: rethinking offensive and defensive archetypes

Woodall T
Journal of Marketing Management, Vol: 20, Issue: 04-Jun

Workaholism and health: implications for organizations

McMillan L H W, O'Driscoll M P
Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol: 17, Issue: 5