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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

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Research Journal of Textile and Apparel


Volume 22 issue 4
Fashion 4.0. innovating fashion industry through digital transformation
Paola Bertola , Jose Teunissen

Highly commended

Volume 22 issue 4
Hyper-personalization – fashion sustainability through digital clienteling
Geetika Jain , Sapna Rakesh , Mohd Kamalun Nabi , K.R. Chaturvedi

Volume 22 issue 1
Revisiting upcycling phenomena: a concept in clothing industry
Manoj Kumar Paras, Antonela Curteza

Volume 22 issue 1
A stakeholders’ perspective on barriers to adopt sustainable practices in MSME supply chain: issues and challenges in the textile sector
Swayam Sampurna Panigrahi, Nune Srinivasa Rao

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Geetika Jain
Mr Sohail Yasin