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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Service Theory and Practice


Volume 28 issue 1
Using data to advance service: managerial issues and theoretical implications from action research
Chiehyeon Lim, Min-Jun Kim, Ki-Hun Kim, Kwang-Jae Kim, Paul P. Maglio

Highly commended

Volume 28 issue 6
Drivers, types and value outcomes of customer-to-customer interaction: an integrative review and research agenda
Kristina Heinonen, Elina Jaakkola, Irina Neganova

Volume 28 issue 1
Designing gamified transformative and social marketing services: An investigation of serious m-games
Rory Francis Mulcahy, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Nadia Zainuddin, Kerri-Ann Kuhn

Volume 28 issue 2
Customer Journeys: A Systematic Literature Review
Asbjørn Følstad, Knut Kvale

Outstanding reviewers

Assoc Prof Jonas Holmqvist
Assoc. Prof. Sertan Kabadayi