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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Managerial Psychology


Volume 33 issue 4/5
The differential value of resources in predicting employee engagement
Helena D. Cooper-Thomas, Jessica Xu, Alan M. Saks

Highly commended

Volume 33 issue 2
Mitigating influence of transcendence on politics perceptions’ negative effects
Diane Lawong, Charn McAllister, Gerald R. Ferris, Wayne Hochwarter

Volume 33 issue 2
Linking attachment theory to abusive supervision
Jennifer L. Robertson, Angela M. Dionisi, Julian Barling

Volume 33 issue 6
Worse-off than others? Abusive supervision’s effects in teams
Chen Zhao, Zhonghua Gao, Yonghong Liu

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Lyonel Laulié
Dr Jie Li
Dr Laura Parks Leduc
Dr Paul Thurston
Gayle Baugh