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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Knowledge Management


Volume 22 issue 6
Fostering organizational learning through leadership and knowledge sharing
Sunyoung Park , Eun-Jee Kim

Highly commended

Volume 22 issue 8
Twenty years of the Journal of Knowledge Management: A bibliometric analysis
Magaly Gaviria-Marin, Jose M. Merigo, Simona Popa

Volume 22 issue 4
Measuring the impact of knowledge loss:A Longitudinal Study
Peter Rex Massingham

Volume 22 issue 7
Knowledge discovery out of text data: A systematic review via text mining
Antonio Usai, Marco Pironti, Monika Mital, Chiraz Aouina Mejri

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Armando Papa
Dr Gabriele Santoro
Valentina Cillo