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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Health Organization and Management


Volume 32 issue 6
Team based communication and the healthcare communication space
Janet Alexandra Cornett, Craig Kuziemsky

Highly commended

Volume 32 issue 1
Networks as systems: a case study of the World Health Organisations Global Health Workforce Alliance
Allan Best, Alex Berland, Trisha Greenhalgh, Ivy L. Bourgeault, Jessie E. Saul, Brittany Barker

Volume 32 issue 8
What initiatives do healthcare leaders agree are needed for healthcare system improvement? Results of a modified-Delphi study
Stuart Barson, Robin Gauld, Jonathon Gray, Goran Henriks, Christina Krause, Peter Lachman, Lynne Maher, M. Rashad Massoud, Lee Mathias, Mike Wagner, L

Volume 32 issue 4
The persistent problem of integrated care in English NHS hospitals: is the Mayo model the answer?
Jonathan Erskine, Michele Castelli, David Hunter, Amritpal Hungin

Outstanding reviewers

Assoc Prof Sandra Buttigieg
Mr Simon Bishop