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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Enabling Technologies


Volume 12 issue 4
Adoption of internet of things (IOT) based wearables for elderly healthcare - a behavioural reasoning theory (BRT) approach
Brijesh Sivathanu

Highly commended

Volume 12 issue 2
Technology implementation in delivery of healthcare to older people: how can the least voiced in society be heard?
Yvonne van Zaalen, Mary McDonnell, Barbara Mikołajczyk, Sandra Buttigieg, Maria del Carmen Requena, Fred Holtkamp

Volume 12 issue 2
A neurological and philosophical perspective on the design of environments and technology for older people with dementia
Maarten J. Verkerk, Joost van Hoof, Sil Aarts, Sylvia J.M.M. de Koning, Johanna J. van der Plaats

Volume 12 issue 2
Real-time location systems in nursing homes: state of the art and future applications
C.E. Oude Weernink, E. Felix, P.J.E.M. Verkuijlen, A.T.M. Dierick-van Daele, J.K. Kazak, J. van Hoof

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Szymon Szewranski
Mr Matthew Oppenheim