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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Educational Administration


Volume 56 issue 5
Broken bridges: a social network perspective on urban high school leadership
Yi-Hwa Liou, Alan J. Daly

Highly commended

Volume 56 issue 2
Toward an evolving conceptualization of instructional leadership as leadership for learning: meta-narrative review of 109 quantitative studies across 25 years
Jared Boyce, Alex J. Bowers

Volume 56 issue 3
Academic Culture: A Promising Mediator of School Leaders Influence on Student Learning
Kenneth Leithwood, Jingping Sun

Volume 56 issue 3
The Impact of Job Isolation on New Principals Sense of Efficacy, Job Satisfaction, Burnout and Persistence
Scott C. Bauer, Lori Silver

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Donald Hackmann
Dr Shelby Cosner