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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Structural Integrity


Volume 9 issue 1
Seismic resistance prediction of corroded S400 (BSt420) reinforcing bars
Charis Apostolopoulos, George Konstantopoulos, Konstantinos Koulouris

Highly commended

Volume 9 issue 3
Fatigue crack growth of 42CrMo4 and 41Cr4 steels under different heat treatment conditions
Grzegorz Lesiuk, Monika Maria Duda, José Correia, Abilio M.P. de Jesus, Rui Calçada

Volume 9 issue 1
Effect of air chamber and oil properties on damping characteristics of single-tube pneumatic shock absorber
Hongtuo Liu, Fangwei Xie, Kai Zhang, Xinxing Zhang, Jin Zhang, Cuntang Wang, Hao Li

Volume 9 issue 2
Critical reliability slip surface in soil slope stability analysis using Monte Carlo simulation method
Seyyed Hossein Seyyed Alangi, Saeed Nozhati, Sayyed Mohsen Vazirizade

Outstanding reviewers

Prof Efstathios Theotokoglou
Prof P.M.S.T. de Castro