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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Ethics and Systems


Volume 34 issue 3
Microfinance: economics and ethics
Clement Tisdell, Shabbir Ahmad

Highly commended

Volume 34 issue 2
Concerning new social ontology of ethnos as historical consciousness and self-identity
Arkadiy Lukjanov , Marina Pushkareva , Zugura Rakhmatullina , Leisian Itkulova , Rufina Khanova

Volume 34 issue 4
Strategic Performance Measurement System, Organizational Learning, and Service Strategic Alignment: Impact on Performance
Yuliansyah Yuliansyah , Johnny Jermias

Volume 34 issue 3
The issue of interest (riba) in the Abrahamic religions
Servet Bayindir, Murat Ustaoglu