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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

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ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance


Volume 10 issue 2
Islamic finance: financial inclusion or migration?
Ahmed Tahiri Jouti

Highly commended

Volume 10 issue 2
Cooperative-waqf model: a proposal to develop idle waqf lands in Malaysia
Anwar Allah Pitchay, Mohamed Asmy Mohd Thas Thaker, Al Amin Mydin, Zubir Azhar, Abdul Rais Abdul Latiff

Volume 10 issue 2
Credit risk management: a comparative study of Islamic banks and conventional banks in Pakistan
Hassan Akram, Khalil ur Rahman

Volume 10 issue 1
Islamic Financial Services Act (IFSA) 2013 and the Shariah compliance requirement of Islamic finance industry in Malaysia
Mohamad Akram Laldin, Hafas Furqani

Outstanding reviewers

Nurbek Ahmad
Dr Buerhan Saiti