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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow


Volume 28 issue 6
Numerical simulation of two-phase flow regime in horizontal pipeline and its validation
Sam Ban, William Pao, Mohammad Shakir Nasif

Highly commended

Volume 28 issue 6
An adaptive fully discontinuous Galerkin level set method for incompressible multiphase flows
Ali Karakus, Tim Warburton, Mehmet Haluk Aksel, Cuneyt Sert

Volume 28 issue 2
Rack level transient CFD modeling of data center
Yogesh Fulpagare, Yogendra Joshi, Atul Bhargav

Volume 28 issue 2
Modelling electro-osmotic flow in porous media: a review
Simona Di Fraia, Nicola Massarotti, P. Nithiarasu

Outstanding reviewers

Dr. Mikhail Sheremet
Prof. Bengt Sunden