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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Grey Systems: Theory and Application


Volume 8 issue 2
A new coupled ARMA-FGM model and its application in the internet third-party payment forecasting in China
Shuhua Mao, Xianpeng Wang, Min Zhu

Highly commended

Volume 8 issue 3
Perceived organizational performance and trust in project manager and top management in project-based organizations: comparative analysis using statistical and grey systems methods
Saad Ahmed Javed, Ali Murad Syed, Sara Javed

Volume 8 issue 2
Grey game research about customer preference, international competition and the choice of industrial type
Yuhang Zhang, Ying Wang, Qixin Liu

Volume 8 issue 1
A Grey-DEMATEL approach for implicating e-waste management practice: modeling in context of Indian scenario
Atul Kumar Sahu, Harendra Kumar Narang, Mridul Singh Rajput

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Baolei Wei
Asst Prof Liviu-Adrian Cotfas