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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Gender in Management: An International Journal


Volume 33 issue 1
The cut and thrust of industrial relations - Bullying by another name?
Pat Drake

Highly commended

Volume 33 issue 5
Are women business owners authentic servant leaders?
Cynthia Mignonne Sims, Lonnie R. Morris

Volume 33 issue 1
Women entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa: a review of knowledge areas and research gaps
Bettina Lynda Bastian , Yusuf Munir Sidani , Yasmina El Amine

Volume 33 issue 7
Gender performativity and hegemonic masculinity in investment management
Corina Sheerin, Margaret Linehan

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Seemab Farooqi
Dr Hans-Joachim Wolfram
Professor Jackie Ford
Dr Virginia Fisher
Dr Xiaoni Ren
Peggy Stockdale