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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

European Journal of Marketing


Volume 52 issue 3/4
Man vs. machine: relational and performance outcomes of technology utilization in small business CRM support capabilities
Adam Powell, Charles H. Noble, Stephanie M. Noble, Sumin Han

Highly commended

Volume 52 issue 5/6
Automated adaptive selling
Maurits Kaptein, Richard McFarland, Petri Parvinen

Volume 52 issue 7/8
Original brands in competition against high quality copycats
Hang Nguyen, Kunter Gunasti

Volume 52 issue 5/6
Dynamic marketing capabilities view on creating market change
Reza Kachouie, Felix Mavondo, Sean Sands

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Eugene Y. Chan
Professor Nina Reynolds
Dr Valeria Noguti
Dr Neil Bendle
Assoc. Prof. Simon Françoise
Mr. Tim Hilken
Dr Cleopatra Veloutsou
Dr Nick K. T. Yip