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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Cross Cultural & Strategic Management


Volume 25 issue 2
East Asian wisdom and relativity: inter-ocular testing of Schwartz values from WVS with extension of the ReVaMB model
Chris Baumann, Hume Winzar, Tony Fang

Highly commended

Volume 25 issue 2
A revision of Hofstedes Model of National Culture: old evidence and new data from 56 countries
Michael Minkov

Volume 25 issue 2
How emerging market resource-poor firms compete and outcompete advanced country resource-rich rivals: An asymmetry reversing theory
Xin Li

Outstanding reviewers

Assoc. Pro Hume Winzar
Dr Carolyn Egri
Ping Ping Fu
Professor Olivier Furrer
Dr Anne-Wil Harzing
Dr. Yonghong Liu