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Awards for Excellence - 2019

Outstanding Papers

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Chinese Management Studies


Volume 12 issue 2
The effects of innovation speed and quality on differentiation and low-cost competitive advantage: The case of Chinese firms
Phong Ba Le, Hui Lei

Highly commended

Volume 12 issue 4
Impact of Benevolent Leadership on Follower Taking Charge: Roles of Work Engagement and Role-breadth Self-efficacy
Qin Xu , Yixuan Zhao , Meng Xi , Shuming Zhao

Volume 12 issue 2
Linking leadership styles to work engagement: the role of psychological capital among Chinese knowledge workers
Yongzhan Li, Gloria Castaño, Yongxin Li

Volume 12 issue 4
How does open innovation affect firms’ innovative performance: The roles of knowledge attributes and partner opportunism
Huiping Zhou , Yanhong Yao , Huanhuan Chen