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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

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Sensor Review


Volume 36 issue 2
Food quality and safety monitoring using gas sensor array in intelligent packaging
Samaneh Matindoust, Majid Baghaei-Nejad, Mohammad Hadi Shahrokh Abadi, Zhuo Zou, Li-Rong Zheng

Highly commended

Volume 36 issue 2
Graphene film development on flexible substrate using a new technique: temperature dependency of gauge factor for graphene-based strain sensors
Sahour Sayed, Mohammed Gamil, Ahmed Fath El-Bab, Koichi Nakamura, Toshiyuki Tsuchiya, Osamu Tabata, Ahmed Abd El-Moneim

Volume 36 issue 3
Novel printed body worn sensor for measuring the human movement orientation
Mohammad Iman Mokhlespour Esfahani, Somaye Taghinezhad, Vahid Mottaghitalab, Roya Narimani, Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 36 issue 1
A kind of infrared expand depth of field vision sensor in low-visibility road condition for safety-driving
Hui-Feng Wang, Gui-ping Wang, Xiao-Yan Wang, Chi Ruan, Shi-qin Chen

Outstanding reviewers