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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management


Volume 39 issue 4
The characteristics and results of eyewitness identification procedures conducted during robbery investigations in Houston, TX
William Wells, Bradley Campbell, Yudu Li, Stryker Swindle

Highly commended

Volume 39 issue 2
Expanding the measurement of police integrity
Matthew J. Hickman, Alex R. Piquero, Zachary A. Powell, Jack Greene

Volume 39 issue 2
The code of silence and ethical perceptions
Louise E Porter, Tim Prenzler

Volume 39 issue 4
General strain and police misconduct: the role of organizational influence
Stephen A. Bishopp, John Worrall, Nicole Leeper Piquero

Outstanding reviewer

Justin Nix