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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Nutrition & Food Science


Volume 46 issue 6
Cross-cultural consumer perceptions of service quality in restaurants
Ilija Djekic, Kevin Kane, Nikola Tomic, Eleni Kalogianni, Ada Rocha, Lamprini Zamioudi, Rita Pacheco

Highly commended

Volume 46 issue 5
To eat or not to eat? The case of genetically modified (GM) food
George Vlontzos, Marrie Noelle Duquenne

Volume 46 issue 4
Quality assurance and halal control points for the food industry
An Nee Lau, Mohd Hafiz Jamaludin, Jan Mei Soon

Outstanding reviewers

Mabel Blades
Tolga Dincer
Shangwu Chen