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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal


Volume 27 issue 2
Using life cycle assessment for estimating environmental impacts and eco-costs from the metal waste in the construction industry
Khairulzan Yahya, Halim Boussabaine, Ali Nasser Alzaed

Highly commended

Volume 27 issue 3
Water resources assessment in the region of Ben Azzouz (Hadjar Soud, North East Algeria)
Mani Hannouche, Amar Lebbad, Tahar Wafa

Volume 27 issue 4
Predictors of young consumer's green purchase behaviour
Yatish Joshi, Zillur Rahman

Volume 27 issue 5
Online monitoring of priority and dangerous pollutants in natural and urban waters
Andrea G Capodaglio, Arianna Callegari, Daniele Molognoni

Outstanding reviewers

Dubey, Rameshwar
Aryal, Mahendra