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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

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Library Review

R. D. MacLeod Award
Named after Library Review’s founding editor, Robert Duncan MacLeod (1885-1973). He founded Library Review in 1927 and remained editor until 1964, solely responsible for its establishment and development during those 36 years, encouraging many up-and-coming librarians, as well as publishing material from many of the profession’s prominent names.


Volume 65 issue 3
A formal definition of Big Data based on its essential features
Andrea De Mauro, Marco Greco, Michele Grimaldi

Highly commended

Volume 65 issue 6/7
Redeploying public librarians to the front-lines: prioritizing digital inclusion
Siobhan A. Stevenson, Caleb Domsy

Volume 65 issue 4/5
Research data management: a conceptual framework
Dimple Patel

Volume 65 issue 1/2
The book: production and participation
Sarah Elizabeth Luck, John William Lamp, Annemieke Craig, Jo Coldwell-Neilson